Bogus TSA fee hikes should be stopped

    You have heard this story before. The federal government is looking for more money to help fund an unaccountable agency and its ludicrous and wasteful programs. This chapter is about the TSA. Recent reports suggest part of any future budget deal may include revenue boosters in the form of “increased Transportation Security Administration fees and money generated from wireless spectrum sales, according to sources in both | Read More »

    Phasing out subsidies in the Farm Bill

    As a conference committee on Capitol Hill meets to consider the House and  Senate versions of the Farm Bill, House Republicans should insist that their version of the bill’s energy title, which provides a clear pathway to eliminating wasteful agricultural and energy industry subsidies, is the one that the committee adopts. The House bill eliminates mandatory funding for subsidy programs under the energy title (Title | Read More »

    As Companies and Jobs Flee, Politicians Dither

    Along with many others I have long been warning that having the world’s highest corporate income tax rate has a host of negative and substantial effects on the economy (see: here, here and here among others). The consequences of this terrible policy choice was highlighted recently when the United States (and also Japan) lost a Fortune 500 company due in large part it seem to | Read More »

    Congress’ biofuel blunder costing taxpayers

    Each year, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires that drivers put an amalgam of gasoline and ethanol into their cars. Congress passed this requirement in 2007 in order to combat rising gas prices, hoping that requiring a biofuel blend would lower the price of gas in the long run. Roughly six years later, the policy has become a victim of unintended consequences and actually done | Read More »

    Do Not Resuscitate: Renewable Fuel Standard Cannot Be Saved

    Some government programs are so ingrained that reform is the only option – even if it would be substantial reform (e.g., tax reform and Social Security reform). However, there are some programs that have proved so ineffective, detrimental even, that talking about reform is a step in the wrong direction. One such program is the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS), which mandates that gasoline and diesel | Read More »

    Fred Hochberg’s two-faced rhetoric vs. reality

    If you listen to Fred Hochberg tell it- he is the white knight of American industry. Benevolently exporting our goods to the world. Helping the American worker. Savior of the universe. Hochberg, if you recall, is the Chairman and president of the Export-Import (Ex-Im) Bank of the United States, a taxpayer-backed entity supposedly set up to promote American commerce. It has turned into a corporate | Read More »

    Time to Start Over With Our Tax Code

    Over the past five years, conservatives have had to constantly fight back against the deluge of liberal policies that emanate from the Obama administration.  Washington has become a cesspool of anti-growth, big government proposals that would do great damage to our country and, in most cases the only line of defense has come from grassroots activists.  Indeed, conservatives have been on defense since President Obama | Read More »

    Terminate The Ex-Im Bank’s Charter

    Last week, Senator Mike Lee and Representative Justin Amash proposed legislation that would repeal the Export-Import Bank in its entirety. As Senator Lee stated, “The Ex-Im Bank has outlived its usefulness … It’s time to end the Bank’s market distortion and political cronyism.” This is a smart observation from the Utah Senator – one that many of his colleagues and predecessors have pointed out as | Read More »

    A no-brainer for Senate GOPers: vote down Ex-Im exec’s confirmation

    As Congress is currently weighing whether to confirm Fred Hochberg as president of the Export-Import Bank yet again, it is important to look at why U.S. Senators might want to think twice before stamping President Obama’s choice to head up a taxpayer-funded institution that has proven to be little more than an engine for corporate welfare.  When the Ex-Im Bank was reauthorized in 2012, there | Read More »

    The Hypocrisy Of The Export Import Bank

    The Hypocrisy Of The Export Import Bank

    Fred Hochberg, chairman and president of the Export-Import Bank, would like you to think that his organization provides assistance to a broad range of American companies for the good of our nation’s economy.  In reality, the Export-Import Bank directly finances foreign companies at the expense of domestic U.S. industries. It is an organization that harms the United States’ ability to compete in foreign markets and | Read More »