Don’t Let Ex-Im Fool You

    After months of acrimony and debate, President Obama signed the Export-Import Bank Reauthorization Act of 2012 into law last May, which increased the Ex-Im Bank’s exposure limit by 40%.  And while the legislation also included measures to increase oversight, a close eye must still be kept on the activities of the bank. Ex-Im has been holding a number of events for small businesses claiming “attendees | Read More »

    Remember “Recovery Summer”?

    President Obama renamed the summer of 2010 “Recovery Summer,” but two years later, our economy sits at a standstill and millions of Americans remain unemployed – many of which have not been able to find work since the since the so-called “Recovery Summer.” This morning, the U.S. Department of Labor reaffirmed what the millions of unemployed and underemployed Americans already know:  our economy has not | Read More »

    Collegiate Cronyism

    The Obama administration has announced a new scheme, which places one set of standards on for-profit colleges and universities and another – or rather none on traditional four-year non-profit colleges and universities. This approach skews the playing field, rewards the President’s political allies in academia and punishes those who are educating less traditional higher education demographics. As the Wall Street Journal editorialized today: “President Obama | Read More »

    Student Loans: A Political Prop

    Today, President Obama is visiting Nevada (translation:  a battleground state) to discuss student loans (translation:  to court the youth vote) and sign a memo focused on student loan repayment options (translation:  repackage another spending proposal that lacks accountability as a new idea). In less than a month, student loan interest rates, an industry controlled nearly totally by the federal government, are set to double, increasing | Read More »

    Jobs Numbers: Not Quite Pomp and Circumstance

    In the next few weeks, millions of students will graduate from college or high school, seeking opportunities to join the American workforce.  Most will remain unemployed for months – or longer. Today, the Labor Department announced just 69,000 jobs were added to the U.S. economy this month, pushing the unemployment rate to 8.2 percent and failing to provide the necessary opportunities for the millions of | Read More »

    Ex-Im Reauthorization Goes Long way Toward Instituting Responsible Reforms

    Everyone has heard about Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  And now many are familiar with their cousin – the Export-Import Bank, which, as currently structured, is hurting American companies, costing jobs, and making open and fair competition impossible. Ex-Im Bank was established in 1934 “to assist in financing U.S. trade with the Soviet Union” by executive order, with a stated mission to support export financing | Read More »

    Magic Number

    Through the stimulus package, President Obama promised to get the unemployment rate under 8 percent.  While we’re heading closer to that “magic number,” the reduced rate is not a result of economic growth, but rather because thousands of Americans have simply given up when it comes to finding a job. When tallying the unemployment rate, the federal government only counts those individuals who are actively | Read More »

    Obama’s Big Lottery Gamble

    State governments are the lottery’s real “big winners,” collecting $17 billion of revenue annually from ticket sales, which are really a deceptive and hidden tax that expand the government’s influence.  While the ticketholder’s chances of winning the recent Mega Millions jackpot were about one in 176 million, state governments are always guaranteed huge payouts.  Last December, the Obama administration once again bypassed Congress, unilaterally opened | Read More »

    Looking Beyond the Jobs Numbers

    Each month the accuracy and implications of the new unemployment data is debated in opinion columns, cable news shows and political campaigns. When even minimal job growth is recorded, pundits claim that we are now getting back on the right track.   This short sighted outlook ignores our economy’s fundamental problems – such as our growing debt, sustained deficit and outdated corporate tax code – that | Read More »

    Administration Finally Reverses No-Bid Military Contract

    Americans for Job Security (AJS) has urged the Obama Administration to explain its abrupt disqualification last fall of Wichita-based Hawker Beechcraft from bidding on an almost one billion dollar defense contract to build US military aircraft, a contract the Administration later awarded to Brazilian-owned Embraer without warning. That is, until recently. Last week, the U.S. Air Force announced an unprecedented reversal, suspending its contract award | Read More »