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    Knowing the Opposition Lesson 1: The Real Purpose of Transgender Bathrooms

    I have been reading some essays in connection with a class on modern theology. Here is a direct quote from a native American who has found Jesus, about the use of religion as a from of colonialist oppression: “. . . the way control was introduced and managed was to deconstruct the people’s sense of self and replace it with that of the colonizer–the cultural | Read More »

    Read Title IX for Yourself

    Title IX requires inclusions of persons of both sexes in educational institutions receiving federal funds. But, it has a long list of exemptions. One of those exemptions is the provision of separate living facilities for the different sexes. Schools are explicitly allowed to have separate living facilities for women and men. It also exempts Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, mother-daughter and father-son activities and a | Read More »

    Why Ted Cruz Lost: An Honest Look

    In response to comments I have done some proofing. Also fixed the link to the 538 chart. Steve Deace, a talk show host and commenter, had a really good discussion on a podcast of his radio show last week, which I would link to if I could find it again. If you can, please feel free to add it in the comments. Here is a | Read More »

    Trump: Never Apologize

    Those of us who have had the sad experience of dealing with narcissistic bullies recognize Trump’s abusive bully tactics. His latest one is to have all of his minions attack the #NeverTrump conservatives while simultaneously making his personal disdain for us known by saying that there are certain endorsements he doesn’t want and support from certain people that he doesn’t want. Would that the people | Read More »

    Del Becarro in California

    Because of California’s open no party primaries, it is vital for California conservatives to vote on June 7 just to have a conservative on the ballot in November. The way the races, other than president, work in California, is that all candidates run against each other in the primary and the top two run off in November. In the open Senate seat the top three | Read More »

    My George Soros Nightmare

    My George Soros Nightmare It was one of those nights. Friends came over. We drank a few beers, smoked way too many cigarettes and stayed up into the early morning talking politics and music and whatever happened to Ozzy Osbourne. I crawled into bed contented but wiped out. II fell into a deep sleep immediately like a two year old run out of energy. And | Read More »

    Paul Ryan:Reality Check: UPDATE

    Like many Cruz supporters, I was sort of surprised in a good way when Paul Ryan declined to endorse Donald Trump. Wow, I thought, some spine. Then my daughter, (who is the recipient of a lot of my political later) asked me what state he was from. Click. The light went on. I did a little research. I knew Paul Ryan is from Wisconsin,and I | Read More »

    No Apology for Hiroshima

    While we conservatives ponder what to do with the mess in the Republican party, President Obama may be planning to drop another bomb. There are rumors that, in his upcoming visit to Japan, President Obama plans to apologize for something else he didn’t do. It is said he will apologize for the U. S. dropping the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. To apologize for | Read More »

    On Donald Trump and Keeping Promises

    Of course, political correctness being what it is, wives to be don’t promise to honor and obey any more, they promise to honor and cherish. But anyway, you get the meaning of the subtext. When you get married, you make a promise not just to each other, but to God, to stick with it. And 90 percent of the time, that’s what you should do. | Read More »

    Gary Johnson : Reality Check

    Conservatives pride themselves on being realists. We see a proposed law to allow transgender people to use the bathrooms designated for the sex in their head and see a law that would allow male perverts(who are not transgender) free license to enter women’s bathrooms to take pictures of them while they pee. And we are correct. Some psychologists now suggest that there may even be | Read More »

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