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    Stop whining about Iowa

    Full disclosure:I have been a Cruz fan from the beginning. My two favorites were Cruz and Jindal because I am something of a nerd lover. I really liked Dr Carson but had some qualms about his lack of political experience. After Iowa, however, I think he’s starting to look like a major cry baby who puts his own vanity before the welfare of his party | Read More »

    Why this Palinista is Supporting Herman Cain for President

    Like many other Palin supporters I was greatly disappointed by the e-mail I received from the Guv telling me that she was not running.  Unlike other Palin supporters, I take her at her word.  To paraphrase her, why would I trust her to be the POTUS and not trust her to make the decision not to run?  For the record, I truly believe that she | Read More »

    Cain’s 999 Plan: Can we at least get the basics right?

    A number of self proclaimed smart people have analyzed Herman Cain’s 999 plan.  Some, like WaPo’s “Fact Checker”  don’t apparently know the most basic fact about payroll taxes– that is, how much they really are.  To demonstrate — “fact checker” claims that payroll taxes are “7.65” percent of wage income.  Please look at the form 941 for this year .  This is the form the employer | Read More »

    On the Nature of Scientific Inquiry

    Gary Taubes, the author of Why We Get Fat and What to Do About It and Good Calories Bad Calories, has written a really excellent blog post on the nature of scientific inquiry.    For those unfamiliar with his work, Taubes  is a science writer and has published articles in many science magazines about a variety of  scientific topics from cold fusion to low carb | Read More »

    Why an HSA Option Should Be Added to Medicare.

    More than two years ago John Mackey, the co-CEO of Whole Foods caused a storm of hostility, picketing and boycotting  from his own liberal customers by advocating the use of Health Savings Accounts combined with high deductible Health Insurance  ( a plan Whole Foods follows with its employees ) as an alternative to Obamacare. As Mackey explains, health savings accounts are tax exempt accounts (meaning | Read More »

    Means Testing Social Security is a Bad Idea

    One of the ideas being floated by people who make proposals for bringing entitlement spending under control is that we require applicants for social security to pass a means test.  It is a bad, bad, bad idea.  The first reason it is a bad idea is the fairness issue.  The underlying implication of this means test is that the people who have earned the most | Read More »

    Reckless Endangerment: Must Reading for the 2012 Elections

    Reckless Endangerment is an excruciatingly detailed history of how the U. S. and World financial systems almost imploded in 2008.  It is also a case study in corporate crony capitalism.  The painful truth is that the people who caused this collapse have not been brought to justice and the problems that caused the collapse have not been fixed. What you will learn is that the | Read More »

    Guillain Barre Syndrome and Vaccines

    Not to beat a dead horse, but to try to add to the knowledge base of conservatives about vaccines, it is well documented that there does appear to be some link between Guillan Barre Syndrome and some vaccines.  Guillan Barre Syndrome can be a devastating neurological disease, but the incidence of linkage is extremely small. There have been incident reports to CDC of Guillan Barre | Read More »

    Mandates and Vaccines

    As Michelle Malkin notes, there is a HUGE difference between suggesting and supporting the use of vaccines and Mandating them.  So, while Sarah Palin was apparently opposed to mandating Gardasil, she accepted federal funds to make it less expensive for those who chose it. And, without claiming to be a scientist, there is a big difference between diseases like smallpox (which we no longer vaccinate | Read More »

    An Example of Why Ryan is Right About Medicare

    Paul Ryan‘ s plan to change Medicare to a system that gives seniors both greater freedom of choice and greater responsibility for their own care has been under heavy attack.  It isn’t surprising.  I suspect if more investigation were done we would find that some of those attacks are at least funded by  the people who have managed to learn how to make a profit | Read More »