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    Gary Johnson : Reality Check

    Conservatives pride themselves on being realists. We see a proposed law to allow transgender people to use the bathrooms designated for the sex in their head and see a law that would allow male perverts(who are not transgender) free license to enter women’s bathrooms to take pictures of them while they pee. And we are correct. Some psychologists now suggest that there may even be | Read More »

    Ted Cruz and 2020

    Ted Cruz is still a young man. He will still be relatively young, as presidential candidates go, in four years. At present he is a man who has something a lot of other would be Republican office holders can only envy– the names and e-mail addresses of about 320,000 people who have been willing to walk precincts, make donations and make phone calls for him. | Read More »

    Why Ted Cruz Lost: The Truth

    Several months ago, I published a diary in which I noted that the reason the establishments of both parties hate Ted Cruz is that he does, indeed, mean what he says. When he won Iowa despite not bending the knee to King Corn, that is while openly opposing continued ethanol mandates, huge alarm bells went off. The establishments of both parties which have used the | Read More »

    Idiocracy: The Sequel

    For those of you who have not see Idiocracy, a film with a cult like status and following, Here is a brief summary of the plot.(Plot spoiler warning: If you want to learn about the movie by seeing it, which I highly recommend, you can rent it through Amazon, iTunes or YouTube). But here is the summary spoilers included. Joe and Rita, as part of | Read More »

    Is This a Sequel to Idiocracy?

    It feels a little like someone has torn a hole in reality and dumped us all into a remake of idiocracy. Really. It isn’t Donald Trump I find so upsetting. Its the fact that so many people would vote for him and would come out and support him.

    Transgender Bathrooms and the Two Minute Hate

    All of the angst and discussion about the reasonableness of adopting a law that mandates that all bathrooms and lockerrooms and changing rooms be unisex, permitting predators and voyeurs easy access to their intended victims, really kind of misses the real point and purpose of the argument. Conservatives and traditionalists who have just been minding their own business and living their own lives get blindsided | Read More »

    My California Calls for Cruz

    Today I have been making California Calls for Cruz. Two that lit up my day. An elderly lady who said she would certainly vote for Senator Cruz and thanked me for volunteering and making phone calls for Senator Cruz. An elderly Hispanic gentleman who answered the phone “Bueno”. I proceeded in my fractured spanish. I generally do this when people speak Spanish to me because, | Read More »

    Cruz Positioned to Win California

    Yes Ted Cruz is behind in the polls in California. He has also been ahead in the recent past. The truth is that California voters haven’t yet had a chance to get to know Ted. As a California voter, I think they will like what they see when they do. Cruz’s appearance at the California GOP convention sends the message that the California GOP Establishment, | Read More »

    My Phone Call for Ted Cruz

    Starting a couple of weeks ago, I began making phone calls for Ted Cruz using the app that will send you to. Mostly I’ve called California because I live in California. And, by the way, following the campaign’s direction I use my own smartphone, which is cool because, like a lot of people I have unlimited minutes for calling anywhere in the country. Anyway, | Read More »

    Trump’s Inner Tyrant

    When Donald Trump continually attacks the procedures that the various state Republican parties have made as to how they want to select delegates, he reveals his inner tyrant. He will get his way by lying over and over again. Colorado has been electing its delegates pretty much the same way for 100 years. They like it that way. Trump uses his free on air pulpit | Read More »