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    Crap Ain’t King: Why we Appreciate Things More When They’re Earned Versus When They’re Attained Cheaply

    It was Thomas Paine who once said that “The harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap we esteem too lightly.” Many people either agree or disagree with this statement. I am one who agrees. I agree with the first part of Paine’s statement because history demonstrates the truth of it repeatedly. Thomas Paine was encouraging his fellow Americans to | Read More »

    Don’t You Tell Me ‘Bout Your Peace of Mind: Why Materialism is a Cancer that is Eating Away our Society

    In recent decades, people have put ever increasing value on the acquisition of “stuff.” Spending sprees are, nowadays, considered an instrumental part of life. Sometimes, people buy things for the sake of buying them. They may be trying to go out of their way for someone or trying to ease their own ills, such as depression. This epidemic is known as “materialism,” and I believe | Read More »

    Democratic Nomination Odds as of 4/1/12

    Barack Obama(65%)-The DNC may be trying to roll him along, but the voters are beginning to smell a rat. Someone else(25%)-A clear, coherent, reasonant argument for a brokered Democratic Convention has been coming together these past few months. Obama’s constant under-performing has given the masses much pause. Randall Terry(6%)-His shocking second place finish in OK, resulting in his gaining 7 delegates, has earned him some | Read More »

    The Argument: Why Prospects of a Brokered Democratic Convention are High, Part 2

    Last Tuesday, President Obama scored an underwhelming victory in the primaries in the state of Oklahoma. Obama won 57%(64,257 votes), versus Randall Terry’s 18%(20,291 votes), Jim Rogers’ 14%(15,536 votes), Darcy Richardson’s 6%(7,193 votes), and Bob Ely’s 5%(5,320 votes). The fact that he lost 12 counties(including the ENTIRE panhandle of Oklahoma) to a heap of no-names should, and probably does, have the White House and the | Read More »

    The Argument: Why the Prospects of a Brokered Democratic Convention are High

    Many people are speculating on the prospects of the Republicans having a brokered convention. Personally, I don’t think Republicans will follow through with the wind they’re blowing on this non-issue. With that said, there is much antipathy, discontent, and malcontentment within the ranks of the Democratic Party over President Barack Obama’s re-election hopes. Many factors have them pissing themselves silly, including the economy, gas prices, | Read More »

    2012 Election Predictions

    Here’s how I think the 2012 elections, state and federal, will go 9 months out. Presidency: Mitt Romney/Rick Santorum: (375 EV’s)(54.5%)AL, AK, AZ, AR, CO, FL, GA, ID, IN, IA, KS, KY, LA, ME, MI, MN, MS, MO, MT, NE, NV, NH, NM, NC, ND, OH, OK, OR, PA, SC, SD, TN, TX, UT, VA, WA, WV, WI, WY Barack Obama/Joe Biden: (163 EV’s)(44.8%)CA, CT, | Read More »

    Romney vs Santorum: Who Would Perform Best Against Obama and Why?

    Many arguments can be made as to who’s the stronger candidate to face President Obama and why, whether it’s Willard M. Romney’s name recognition and Moderate image or Richard J. Santorum’s appeal to the pivotal base of support that is the grassroots activists. I will be looking at the electoral aspects of their strengths, where, and why they would perform strongest. WM Romney’s Strengths: New | Read More »

    Why I’m Supporting Rick Santorum for President

    In this ongoing Presidential election, there are many candidates out there angling for our support. After long and careful consideration, I have decided to support former US Senator Rick Santorum, and here are the issues on which I base my support: 1. Health Care: Mr. Santorum has been a long-time proponent of market-driven, patient-centered health care solutions. He believes that everybody should have access to | Read More »

    Road to Victory 2012: How Rick Santorum Can Win the Nomination by Super Tuesday

    In case you’re not aware, in the closest vote in Iowa Caucus history, Mitt Romney beat out Rick Santorum by 8 votes. One week ago, Santorum was in the single digits. Considering his strong showing in IA and Conservative desperation to support a formidable alternative to Romney, the money and poll numbers will start flowing Santorum’s way. Bachmann’s departure will most assuredly help Santorum more | Read More »

    Final Predictions on the Louisiana Races

    Tonight’s the night of the Louisiana elections. Here’s my final predictions on these races which are on the ballot in LA. LA-GOV: Bobby Jindal(R)-69% Tara Hollis(D)-17% David Blanchard(I)-8% Cary Deaton(D)-6% All others register below 1%. Jindal carries all 64 parishes. LA-LT GOV: Jay Dardenne(R)-56% Billy Nungesser(R)-44% LA-SOS: Tom Schedler(R)-51% Jim Tucker(R)-49% LA-AGF: Mike Strain(R)-71% James LaBranche(D)-27% Belinda Alexandrenko(Reform)-2% LA-INS COM: Jim Donelon(R)-71% Donald Hodge(D)-29%