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    Colonel Muammhar Quaddhaffi is Dead

    From the UK Daily Express:   Gaddafi was captured and wounded in both legs at dawn as he tried to flee in a convoy which NATO warplanes attacked, National Transitional Council official Abdel Majid Mlegta said. “He was also hit in his head,” the official said. “There was a lot of firing against his group and he died.” Gaddafi died of wounds near his home | Read More »

    North Dakota State Senate Majority Leader Bob Stenehjem dies at 59

    From the Greenwich Times: BISMARCK, N.D. (AP) — Bob Stenehjem, the Republican majority leader of the North Dakota Senate for a decade, was killed Monday when the SUV he was riding in overturned during a fishing trip in Alaska, family members said. Stenehjem, 59, of Bismarck, had been on a halibut fishing vacation near Homer on the state’s southern coast. He had been visiting his older | Read More »

    2011-2012 Elections: Democratic Apocalypse

    It has become ever clearer to me that as our economy starts going down the pot, Democrats are poised for apocalyptic losses in all areas state and federal. Here’s how I think it goes down: 2011 races 1. House Specials NY-26 Special: Jack Davis(TP)-36% Jane Corwin(R/C/IP)-35% Kathy Hochul(D)-29% CA-36 Special: Debra Bowen(D)-27% Janice Hahn(D)-24% Mike Webb(R)-19% Marcy Winograd(D)-9% Mike Gin(R)-6% Dan Adler(D)-4% Lorraine Goodwin(D)-4% Kit | Read More »

    House Seats to Target for a Bulletproof Conservative Majority

    If Conservatives are to get a bulletproof majority in the House in 2012, these are the seats they must target: Democrat-held seats: AZ-7: Raul Grijalva AZ-8: Gabrielle Giffords AR-4: Mike Ross CA-10: John Garamendi CA-11: Jerry McNerney CA-18: Dennis Cardoza CA-20: Jim Costa CA-47: Loretta Sanchez CA-51: Bob Filner CO-7: Ed Perlmutter CT-1: John Larson CT-2: Joe Courtney CT-3: Rosa DeLauro CT-4: Jim Himes CT-5: | Read More »

    Final Gubernatorial and Senatorial Predictions by numbers

    GUBERNATORIAL RACES: AL-GOV: Bentley(R)-56% Sparks(D)-44% AK-GOV: Parnell(R)-59% Berkowitz(D)-39% Others-2% AZ-GOV: Brewer(R)-60% Goddard(D)-40% AR-GOV: Beebe(D)-62% Keet(R)-38% CA-GOV: Brown(D)-51% Whitman(R)-42% Others-7% CO-GOV: Tancredo(C)-49% Hickenlooper(D)-47% Maes(R)-4% CT-GOV: Foley(R)-51% Malloy(D)-49% FL-GOV: Scott(R)-52% Sink(D)-48% GA-GOV: Deal(R)-52% Barnes(D)-43% Monds(L)-5% HI-GOV: Aiona(R)-50.5% Abercrombie(D)-49.5% ID-GOV: Otter(R)-72% Allred(D)-28% IL-GOV: Brady(R)-49% Quinn(D)-42% Others-9% IA-GOV: Branstad(R)-65% Culver(D)-35% KS-GOV: Brownback(R)-71% Holland(D)-29% ME-GOV: LePage(R)-41% Cutler(I)-32% Mitchell(D)-25% Others-2% MD-GOV: O’Malley(D)-55% Ehrlich(R)-45% MA-GOV: Baker(R)-46% Patrick(D)-45% Cahill(I)-9% MI-GOV: Snyder(R)-58% Bernerio(D)-37% Others-5% | Read More »

    2010 Gubernatorial Vote Predictions(In States that have held Primaries)

    AL-GOV: Bentley(R)-54% Sparks(D)-46% AR-GOV: Beebe(D)-57% Keet(R)-43% CA-GOV: Whitman(R)-52% Brown(D)-48% CO-GOV: Hickenlooper(D)-55% Maes(R)-31% Tancredo(C)-14% CT-GOV: Malloy(D)-51% Foley(R)-49% GA-GOV: Deal(R)-53% Barnes(D)-44% Monds(L)-3% ID-GOV: Otter(R)-77% Allred(D)-23% IL-GOV: Brady(R)-56% Quinn(D)-44% IA-GOV: Branstad(R)-58% Culver(D)-42% KS-GOV: Brownback(R)-71% Holland(D)-29% ME-GOV: LePage(R)-53% Mitchell(D)-47% MI-GOV: Snyder(R)-57% Bernerio(D)-43% MN-GOV: Emmer(R)-51% Dayton)D)-47% Horner(IP)-2% NE-GOV: Heineman(R)-80% Meister(D)-20% NV-GOV: Sandoval(R)-65% Reid(D)-35% NM-GOV: Martinez(R)-52% Denish(D)-48% OH-GOV: Kasich(R)-54% Strickland(D)-46% OK-GOV: Fallin(R)-55% Askins(D)-45% OR-GOV: Kitzhaber(R)-53% Dudley(D)-47% PA-GOV: Corbett(R)-59% Onorato(D)-41% SC-GOV: Haley(R)-59% | Read More »

    GA Primary Predictions

    Here’s a rundown of how I think tomorrow night’s GA Primaries will go: Governor: Republican Primary: Handel 27% Deal 24% Johnson 19% Oxendine 15% McBerry 9% Chapman 5% Putnam 1% Deal wins the Runoff 54-46. Democratic Primary: Barnes 55% Baker 29% Porter 13% Poythress 2% Mangham 1% Camon and Bolton receive less than 1%. Deal beats Barnes 52-48. Lieutenant Governor: Democratic Primary: Porter 80% McCracken | Read More »

    June 22 Primary Preview

    The June 22 Primary is fast approaching, Here are the states that are hosting Primaries: North Carolina: Polls close here at 8 PM EDT. Here are the races to watch: NC-SEN DEM Primary Runoff: This race is in a runoff after Secretary of State Elaine Marshall and State Senator Cal Cunningham failed to clear 40%. I have no dog in this race. I see Marshall | Read More »

    June 1 Primary Predictions

    Here are my predictions for today’s Primaries: AL-GOV GOP Primary: Byrne 34% Moore 31% James 26% Bentley 5% Johnson 3% Potts 1% Taylor 1% AL-GOV GOP Runoff: Byrne 54% Moore 46% AL-GOV DEM Primary: Davis 55% Sparks 45% I see Byrne beating Davis 53-47. AL-LT GOV GOP Primary: Ivey 65% Erwin 28% Ponder 7% I see Incumbent Democrat Jim Folsom Jr. beating Ivey 54-46. AL-AG | Read More »

    May 18 Primary Predictions

    Here are my predictions for the upcoming Primaries on May 18: KY-SEN GOP Primary: Paul 53% Grayson 44% Stephenson 2% Martin and Scribner poll either at or below 1%. KY-SEN DEM Primary: Mongiardo 51% Conway 45% Price 3% Buckmaster and Farmer poll either at or under 1%. Paul beats Mongiardo 51-49 in the General. KY-03 GOP Primary: Lally 50% Reetz 41% Hausman 4% Durbin 3% | Read More »