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    June 22 Primary Preview

    The June 22 Primary is fast approaching, Here are the states that are hosting Primaries: North Carolina: Polls close here at 8 PM EDT. Here are the races to watch: NC-SEN DEM Primary Runoff: This race is in a runoff after Secretary of State Elaine Marshall and State Senator Cal Cunningham failed to clear 40%. I have no dog in this race. I see Marshall | Read More »

    June 1 Primary Predictions

    Here are my predictions for today’s Primaries: AL-GOV GOP Primary: Byrne 34% Moore 31% James 26% Bentley 5% Johnson 3% Potts 1% Taylor 1% AL-GOV GOP Runoff: Byrne 54% Moore 46% AL-GOV DEM Primary: Davis 55% Sparks 45% I see Byrne beating Davis 53-47. AL-LT GOV GOP Primary: Ivey 65% Erwin 28% Ponder 7% I see Incumbent Democrat Jim Folsom Jr. beating Ivey 54-46. AL-AG | Read More »

    May 18 Primary Predictions

    Here are my predictions for the upcoming Primaries on May 18: KY-SEN GOP Primary: Paul 53% Grayson 44% Stephenson 2% Martin and Scribner poll either at or below 1%. KY-SEN DEM Primary: Mongiardo 51% Conway 45% Price 3% Buckmaster and Farmer poll either at or under 1%. Paul beats Mongiardo 51-49 in the General. KY-03 GOP Primary: Lally 50% Reetz 41% Hausman 4% Durbin 3% | Read More »

    May 4 Senate Primary Predictions

    Tonight, there’s going to be Senate Primaries in NC, OH, and IN. Here’s my predictions for the races: IN-SEN: Incumbent Democratic US Senator Evan Bayh is retiring. Congressman Brad Ellsworth is unopposed for the Democratic nomination. Bank Branch Manager Don Bates Jr., Plumbing Contractor Richard Behney, former US Senator Dan Coats, former Congressman John Hostettler, and State Senator Marlin Stutzman are in the hunt for | Read More »

    My Take on the 2010 GA Races-Take 2

    Here’s a rundown of how I think the 2010 GA races will go: Governor: Incumbent Republican Governor George “Sonny” Perdue is term-limited. On the Republican side, State Senators Jeff Chapman and Eric Johnson, Congressman Nathan Deal, former Secretary of State Karen Handel, Radio Station Owner Ray McBerry, State Insurance Commissioner John W. Oxendine, and Wal-Mart Employee Otis Putnam are in the running. On the Democratic | Read More »

    Why I Am Supporting Former Congressman John N. Hostettler for Indiana Senate

    After long consideration, I have decided to endorse former Congressman John N. Hostettler for the Indiana Senate seat vacated by Evan Bayh, and here’s the issues and a list of his accomplishments in the House that bring me to my decision: The Issues: 1. Taxes and Spending: Mr. Hostettler believes that it is not that the federal government taxes too little, it is that it | Read More »

    Why I’m Supporting Chuck Purgason for Missouri Senate

    After long consideration, I have decided to support Chuck Purgason for Missouri Senate. Here are the issues I base my support of Purgason on: 1. Balanced Budget: Purgason knows that the number one plank of the Republican Party platform is a balanced budget. But when the GOP was in charge with the President, House, and Senate, why was it not balanced? Spending increased under their | Read More »

    How I See The 2010 Senate Races So Far

    Here’s my take on the 2010 Senate races 8 months out. Retiring Incumbents: CT-SEN: Incumbent Democratic US Senator Chris Dodd is retiring. On the Democratic side, Software Executive Merrick Alpert, Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, and former Greenwich First Selectman Roger Pearson are in the running. On the Republican side, former World Wrestling Entertainment CEO Linda McMahon, former Congressman Rob Simmons, and Euro Pacific Capital President | Read More »

    My Take on the 2010 VA Races

    Here’s a Rundown of how I think the 2010 VA races will go: Congress: The GOP holds districts 1, 4, 6, and 7. The Democrats hold district 3. VA-02: Incumbent Democratic Congressman Glenn Nye is running for re-election. The Democrats have unified behind Nye. On the GOP side, former Virginia Beach GOP Chair Kenny Golden, Engineering Contractor Ben Loyola, Defense Contractor Ed Maulbeck, Army Reserve | Read More »

    Why I’m Supporting Mick Mulvaney for SC-05

    After watching this race develop for a while, I’ve decided to endorse State Senator Mick Mulvaney for Congress against John Spratt. Here are the issues that I base my endorsement of Mulvaney on: 1. The Role of Government: Mulvaney is a believer in the Constitution, limited government, and that the government’s primary duty is to protect our personal freedoms so that we can do our | Read More »