Obama’s New Jim Crow

      Dr. Cornell West is no fan of Jim Crow nor President Obama’s Chicago Machine style of plantation politics.  In an age where millions clamor for jobs, the Obama Jim Crow style is be quiet or we’ll isolate you and scare you into submission.  We’ve seen 5 years of this with no real change.  Obama does this to the GOP with every new idea, its | Read More »

    MSNBC’s Anti-Semitism and discriminating jokes

    MSNBC is out of control and continues to explore racist boundaries that liberals always call out conservatives for, including comedians.  So its time for MSNBC to Suspend Melissa Harris Perry for her anti-Semitic jokes. If FOX News had done the same, the left would call for such a person to be fired and they’d demand reparations to the Jewish community. Don’t let these people fool | Read More »

    Ann Coulter is still wrong about Mitt Romney & trashing Reagan again

    Ann Coulter sounds more and more desperate every day as she fecklessly whines like a liberal would about Governor Mitt Romney.  This is the same Ann Coulter who has been documented as dating liberals while lying about it on TV.  People like this fail to comprehend the real reasons Obama won because she’s desperate to regain respect by conservatives and independents who rightfully trashed Coulter. | Read More »

    OWS Congressional Dem candidates defeated, one is Anti-Semitic

      Occupy Wallstreet extremists infested the ballots in at least 2 districts and lost which is no surprise considering the damage they’ve done to the country.  Chris Barron is a known quantity for making racist and anti-Semitic rants, click on second link for more details. The fact any OWS types think the people would side with extremists who terrorized the nation is lunacy at the | Read More »

    Obama White House Pays Women Less Than Men

    President Obama has been outspoken in his criticism of “paycheck discrimination” that has women earning less than men for the same jobs, but a new report shows that female employees in the Obama White House make considerably less than their male colleagues. According to the 2011 annual report on White House staff, female employees earned a median annual salary of $60,000, while the median salary | Read More »

    Jimmy Carter: Democrats Should Abandon Pro-Abortion Position

      Wow!   President Carter is Pro-Life and all this time I assumed he ran with the pac.  Carter is right, nothing turns voters away more than abortion ranting liberals who become too emotional making people very uncomfortable. Obama planned to use abortion ads this fall, Carter just gave us a fresh video with the face of life over the pro abortion Obamabots.  Let him run | Read More »

    Romney funded by millionaire Global Warmist believers

      Romney being funded by AGW believers.  We all know he supported AGW as governor and now people are vetting him online and discover some of his major donors are AGW freaks who are well know friends of all that is left wing! Can we really trust him 100% considering the spin aka lies and all the flip flops. For me this is a campaign | Read More »

    Why a Moderate can’t beat Obama the “moderate”

      Why A Moderate Cannot Beat Obama Can we just get real here? Are we destined to repeat history? Has everyone forgotten the 2008 Presidential election?? Obama has already beat a moderate in 2008, in McCain. A moderate CANNOT beat Obama, why? Because Obama is clever enough to be “moderate” on enough issues to carry the moderate vote away from another moderate candidate. The fact | Read More »

    Poll: Does Kirsten Powers rock for attacking the Left?

    Talk about slap down, Kirsten Powers deserves respect for attacking left wing whackos for their pathetic behavior in a manner I have have never seen from a liberal.  One reason they attack her, she contributes at FOX and debates the Round Table discussions with Special Report host Bret Baier.  Not easy for a leftie to get air time because they have standards.  Can’t say the | Read More »

    Romney promise to NARAL Pro-Choice Abortion activists

    Mitt Romney was proud to attend the  September 2002 meeting with NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts Romney promised the ghouls in attendance that they would have a friend in “Washington” (if they helped him someday get elected president) it becomes difficult to believe Mister Romney when he says he never forced Catholic hospitals to dispense R U 486.   Yes he forced abortion on good people who deserved better!!! | Read More »