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Sen. David Vitter is focused on putting Louisiana first as an independent and outspoken reformer, and on advancing mainstream conservative principles.


    Let’s get serious about domestic energy

    In his speech at Georgetown University this week, President Obama acknowledged the alarming increases in prices at the gas pump, which in many states are approaching $4 per gallon.  The president restated some vague platitudes about the need to reduce our dependence on foreign oil, but offered no concrete plans to rein in those prices, which are putting a strain on family budgets across the | Read More »

    Putting the brakes on $4 gas at the pump

    A little more than two short years ago we heard presidential candidates vowing to fight to prevent rapid spikes in gas prices at the pump. Well, here we are again not too far in the future and $4.00 per gallon gas could be right around the corner. Like you, I’m hardly surprised. The unrest in the Middle East should really clarify for President Obama that | Read More »

    If states and local governments don’t want stimulus money, why recycle and waste American taxpayer dollars?

    Yesterday, I introduced legislation that would direct stimulus funds rejected by state governors and local municipalities to paying down the growing national debt. This week alone, the Louisiana Senate Committee on Labor and Industrial Relations rejected legislation that would call for the state to accept $98 million in stimulus funds that the governor has declined. Many local and state governments, including in my home state | Read More »

    Holding the Leader to His Own Standard

    This week, I authored an amendment to the massive omnibus spending bill that would repeal the provision of law that set in place automatic pay raises for members of Congress. Sens. Feingold, Grassley and Ensign joined as co-sponsors. For the better part of the week, however, I was blocked from offering this amendment by the Majority Leader who was using his authority to cherry-pick only | Read More »

    We must change the core of this stimulus bill, not pick at the margins

    As almost everyone following the debate surrounding the Senate stimulus bill will tell you, this is not a job creation bill; it’s a massive government spending bill. Yesterday, I introduced an amendment to remove wasteful spending from the stimulus bill. My amendment would remove almost $47.6 billion in funding that is not focused on creating jobs to help stimulate the economy. By targeting the removal | Read More »

    Using all available means to protect the culture of life

    This past week we saw the unfortunate overturning of the longstanding Mexico City policy that prevented funding of abortions by U.S. tax dollars abroad even though I and a number of other senators recently joined a letter to President Obama asking that he not reverse the policy. And we will likely see more expansive abortion legislation like the Freedom of Choice Act offered soon since | Read More »

    TARP II Demands Real, Thorough Debate

    On Monday, President Bush made a request on behalf of the incoming administration to release the second half of the $700 billion that Congress authorized last fall under the Troubled Assets Relief Program. I have some serious concerns with these funds being released, and I believe that we need to think very seriously on this matter. For this request to be approved, Congress is required | Read More »