The Fight Continues

    Today I am announcing that I will seek re-election in 2010 to a second, and final term in the United States Senate. I need you to join me in our effort today to help ensure that we continue to fight for true reform. Quite simply, there is still work to be done. When I first decided to seek public office, it was because I was | Read More »

    Senator Reid Offers Excuses Not Solutions

    When Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid introduced a massive and unprecedented $10 billion omnibus spending bill this week comprised of about 35 of the 200 bills I have declined to help pass without debate this Congress, he argued his effort would end my “unprecedented obstruction” and advance the priorities not of politicians seeking reelection but the American people. What the Majority Leader’s tactics are more | Read More »

    Thank You RedState and Congratulations on RedState 3.0

    As someone who has never been shy about criticizing status quo politics in Washington I’m often asked whether I have much hope for the future of country. While I don’t have much confidence that the current crop of elected officials in Washington will take serious steps to put us on a sustainable fiscal course or maintain a protracted conflict with radical Islam, I have a | Read More »