Take the Gloves Off in the Culture Wars

    There are a few people of faith and conviction who are still willing to stand up for their principles. Those people are being systematically punished. Careers are being ended, businesses are being destroyed, and lives are even being threatened by the enforcers of the selfish wave of belligerent decadence currently throttling society in the name of tolerance. As usual, conservatives are taking a high minded | Read More »

    The Constitution Succeeded, it’s the American People Who Failed

    If the Presidency of Barack Obama has done anything useful for the American people or the conservative movement it is to pull back the shroud and dissipate the sweet odors masking the putrid decay of America’s once great institutions of government. By wielding the executive power that has been built up for decades from the framework laid down during the New Deal President Obama has | Read More »

    On Global Warming Environmentalists Want Issue Not Solution

    In the wake of the recent article in Britain’s Telegraph discussing wide scale manipulation of global climate data we’re once again reminded that the environmental movement only craves an issue to advance a toxic left wing economic agenda. Conservatives have pushed back, with some success, over the years with arguments based on the many flaws in the science and scientists pushing the global warming narrative. | Read More »

    How the GOP Can Avoid Obama’s Tax Trap

    President Obama’s State of the Union proposal to increase taxes is the Democrats’ opening salvo in the 2016 election. The plan, as usual, is to pit the Republicans and the wealthy against the Democrats and the majority of the American people. Republicans should come back with a legislative riposte to put the Democrats on the defensive. Obama’s tax increases are terrible economics, but unfortunately the | Read More »

    Conservative Strategy for the 114th Congress

    Conservatives are rightly concerned that the new 114th Congress is not going to live up to its potential or to the political mandate of the American public, which is to defeat Democrat priorities on a wide range of issues like amnesty, raising energy prices with new carbon regulations, and spending as much taxpayer money as possible on crony political allies. So how should conservatives work | Read More »

    The 25 Should Keep Standing

    The 25 conservative members of Congress who voted against Speaker Boehner will almost certainly face retaliation. Early media reports already rumor that two of Boehner’s opponents have lost their seats on the quiet but significant Rules Committee. If most or all of the 25 members who voted against Boehner are stripped of their committee assignments and other perks then they will have little influence through | Read More »

    Misfire on Speaker Challenge

    A conservative challenge to Speaker Boehner is an understandable impulse by those who feel the urgency of the problems facing America. House conservatives would desperately like to get stronger, wiser opposition to the Democrats into the Speaker’s chair. Understandable, but I have yet to see any convincing argument that this impulse is a good political strategy. Conservatives need to understand that Boehner is a symptom | Read More »

    2016’s Political Strategy

    As Congress reconstitutes itself and Republicans take up the reigns in both houses it is important that they identify their top priority for the next two years and move swiftly to secure it. That top priority should be political victory in 2016. No other conservative issue can advance if a Republican doesn’t win the White House and a whole bunch of Republican senators don’t retain | Read More »

    The State of Political Consulting: Rapid Growth, Stale Ideas, Same Old Corruption

    Today Politico, a Washington insider publication that is intensely read on Capital Hill, published a piece uncritically cataloging the growing role of consultants in political campaigns. Washington D.C. may not have a problem with consultants, but if the American people certainly may, provided they ever realize the role consultants play in the average campaign and how that impacts our elections. The problem with consultants is | Read More »

    New Rules or No War

    As the public and our nation’s foreign policy elites belatedly wake up to the real threat to American interests posed by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) there have been more calls for some kind of military intervention. Unfortunately, most of the clamor has been for a solution to the problem rather than advocacy for plans which might reasonably be expected to result | Read More »