Herman Cain’s timeline

    Missing from the allegations of sexual harassment by Herman Cain are most, not all, of the details. One important detail that I have not heard brought up yet has been any timeline. From what I understand, the accusers are either federal employees or lobbyists. Probably very sympathetic with Democrats or left wing causes. Herman Cain doesn’t appear to be shy about expressing his political views. | Read More »

    Republican issue they will probably ignore.

    An issue made for the Republican party. An issue that ha huge majority would agree is important and side with the Republicans. Unfortunately, Republicans surrender if just one person cries “Racism!”.   Unemployment claims are the highest in 26 years. Obama will be happy if it goes no further than 9%. The Wall Street Journal cries that American citizens are competing with illegal immigrants for | Read More »

    2010 Senate may not be so bleak

    Before Obama was elected Republicans were going to defend a lot more seats then they are now. Now it is almost even.Colorado, Illinois are possible pickups. New York is tough but money will be tight for Dems when the Gov and BOTH Senate seats are up in 2010. Here is a rundown that is not complete since some have announced or there are rumors of | Read More »

    Screw the Rich

    Dear Obama, I know you feel that there are too many wealthy people in the United States. Maybe you are correct. Try this. Instead of just taxing them into poverty, why not try a free market approach? You have appointed a few centerist economic advisors. Why not? I called my doctor and needed an appointment with a specialist. The first appointment is in 3 months. | Read More »

    Humiliation works

    Remember when the Red Cross raised money after 911 and then announced it was really just a donation and not for the victims of 911? The outcry made them change their minds. Union card check is very unpopular with voters. Democrats positions on immigration are unpopular as well. Adding half a million foreign work visas, ending e-verify for employment, not completing a border fence a | Read More »


    I voted for John McCain. I held my nose because Obama was worse. Now the election is over and I would like to ask a question. How much loyalty do Republicans owe John McCain? Republicans have been more than loyal to him than he has been to us. He fought against the Bush tax cuts. He fought for a very unpopular immigration amnesty bill. He | Read More »


    I don’t hang around Starbucks with the little metro-sexuals and there yuppie show wives. The real world. The conservative Republicans an Reagan Democrats have been talking about this in the bars and coffee shops for years. AMERICANS ARE TIRED OF BEING THE WORLD’S CHUMP. The world hates us but demands bailouts. Since WW2 they expect it. We owe them. Great Britan OWES US a trillion | Read More »

    Pay to train your competition?

    Obama mentioned his Obama Youth League during the campaign. Universal community service could be achieved by forcing universities to require students to perform an amount of “volunteer” service as a requirement for graduation. (I doubt that military service would count). This can be done legally since the universities are highly subsidized by the Federal government. Well, the Institute for International Education (IIE) has come out | Read More »