Herman Cain’s timeline

    Missing from the allegations of sexual harassment by Herman Cain are most, not all, of the details. One important detail that I have not heard brought up yet has been

    Republican issue they will probably ignore.

    An issue made for the Republican party. An issue that ha huge majority would agree is important and side with the Republicans. Unfortunately, Republicans surrender if just one person cries

    2010 Senate may not be so bleak

    Before Obama was elected Republicans were going to defend a lot more seats then they are now. Now it is almost even.Colorado, Illinois are possible pickups. New York is tough

    Screw the Rich

    Dear Obama,I know you feel that there are too many wealthy people in the United States. Maybe you are correct. Try this. Instead of just taxing them into poverty, why

    Humiliation works

    Remember when the Red Cross raised money after 911 and then announced it was really just a donation and not for the victims of 911? The outcry made them change


    I voted for John McCain. I held my nose because Obama was worse. Now the election is over and I would like to ask a question. How much loyalty do


    I don’t hang around Starbucks with the little metro-sexuals and there yuppie show wives. The real world. The conservative Republicans an Reagan Democrats have been talking about this in the

    Pay to train your competition?

    Obama mentioned his Obama Youth League during the campaign. Universal community service could be achieved by forcing universities to require students to perform an amount of “volunteer” service as a