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    Dem Lawmaker DeFazio Breaks Election Law With Impunity

    Liberal media bias, unseemly election scams and more than typical Democratic mendacity blend seamlessly together to form the scandalous re-election strategyof Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-Ore.). DeFazio is running for his 14th – yes, 14th term against Republican challenger and renowned scientist Art Robinson. And although Robinson in 2010 came nearer to defeating DeFazio than any of his predecessors over that past 26 years, DeFazio is | Read More »

    DoE Loan Watchdog and Obama Donor Also Signed GM & AIG SEC filings

    The Associated Press (AP) demonstrated today that they are, in fact, capable of using both “computers” and the “internet” in coordination to do something called “investigative journalism”. The fruit? Well, it seems that the “watchdog” supposedly responsible for evaluating the Department of Energy’s “Green” loan program is also a $50k+ donor to President Barack Obama. Kind of makes me wonder what else the AP might | Read More »

    Reflections on Obama’s Press Corps Briefing

    President Obama Monday paid his first visit to the White House press corps in over two months. The President took questions from three reporters, addressed Medicare, Todd Akin, the perception of negativity surrounding his campaign, Mitt Romney’s taxes, the fiscal cliff and Syria. His remarks, though brief and calculated, reveal both his messaging strategy heading into September and the policy strategies he will pursue to | Read More »

    DHS Buys High-Grade Explosives, Lies About Why, Wipes History

    The Department of Homeland Security has placed an order for 700 pounds of High Density Ammonium Nitrate and 700 pounds of A-5 Flake RDX–the primary ingredients in explosives akin to both the Improvised Explosive Devices being used against the U.S. in the Middle East and that used by Timothy McVeigh. The question is why does the Department of Homeland Security need such an absurd amount of | Read More »

    Obama: Thomas Jefferson Hearts Islam, Koran Supports Gender Equality

    President Barack Obama held the umpteenth celebratory dinner for adherents to the Islamic faith the other day. In his voluminous praise of Islam and the Muslim community, the President referenced the fact that Thomas Jefferson once possessed a Koran. This, according to our Dear Leader, testifies to the valuable role Muslims have long played in the political experiment that is America.  “As I’ve noted before, | Read More »

    The Religious Conscience Tax Begins Today

    Today – August 1, 2012 – will go down in history as the day the U.S. government finally helped 50 million women obtain vital preventive and contraceptive care—for free—thus ending decades of needless and systematic deprivation of basic women’s rights. At least, that’s the narrative being peddled by the left. Yesterday, a host of Democratic senators and Health Secretary Kathleen Sebelius joined Washington’s liberal “think” | Read More »

    Romney Stands Ground Against Whiny GOP Fingerwaggers

    That’s the headline this week folks: Why won’t Romney release his tax returns? What an epic failure of the right! The thousands of pages of tax returns the Democrats are crying about – documents that met the IRS’s standard – show that Romney’s even richer than we thought. Okay. Perhaps he has tithed mindbogglingly much to the Latter Day Saints. Good for him. Maybe Bain acquired a controlling interest | Read More »

    Taxpayers Fund White House’s Race-based Direct Mail

    President Barack Obama’s delusions of grandeur, his Constitutional misconceptions and his petty racial politics mesh seamlessly in this recently uncovered letter, sent from the White House to an unknown number of recipients for rather dubious reasons. In the letter, which bears the presidential seal and signature, Obama sings high-minded paeans to Mahatma Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King, but reserves his highest laudation for Cesar | Read More »

    Roberts’ Ruling Opens Door to Gun-Ownership Mandate/Tax

    Weaponizing Individuals Makes Plain Sense Act of 2012 In the shadow of John Robert’s decision to rewrite Obamacare’s individual mandate penalty into a tax, conservatives and liberals alike have pondered just how the Chief Justice ingeniously served conservative interests while appearing to do the contrary; whether he expedited repeal in the Upper House, gifted the White House to Mitt Romney or rather preserved the High | Read More »

    Don Young Defends Sealaska Land Grab, Calls Redstate Propaganda, #bulldip

    For all who doubt the earmarkness of H.R.1408 – one of several provisions contained within H.R.2578: consider the exchange that occurred between Doc Hastings and Alcee Hastings–no relation..? (Yes,  Alcee Hastings is not the most laudable public servant, but bear with me…) Alcee told the Rules Committee that some people were calling H.R.1408 an earmark –  that is, his staffer read it on RedState – | Read More »