The political ad i want to see

    After the debate last night, I got to thinking about how insane it would be to allow this empty suit to have his finger on “the button”. The only “button” I think he should be pushing is the “Easy” button from the TV commercials. A picture formed in my mind of Obama in the Oval Office when a staffer comes running in and says that | Read More »

    Another missed opportunity for McCain

    I was watching the debate last night and Lehrer asked Obama how he would “rule the country as President”. Obama responded “I would rule…”. When the question shifted to McCain, I wanted him to say something like…Jim, I am asking the citizens of this country to elect me as their President. Presidents serve their fellow citizens, kings rule over their people. This idea of a | Read More »

    About time I did this

    So here I go. I’ve been reading redstate for several years now and use it as my first source of news anymore (too busy to actually watch the dreaded evening news). I’ve especially like the financial news info I’ve been reading (got out of the market back in Oct when it was at its peak!) I’ve finally got something to say that no one else | Read More »