Why I Worry About Al Qaeda Right Now

    With the current all-encompassing economic crisis continuing to unfold and the situation in Iraq holding steady, its easy to fixate on domestic issues. But taking a step back from the economic mess that is currently sucking up all the political and media oxygen, it is important to remain focused on Al Qaeda’s desire to destroy us and the previous well timed opportunism of their attacks. | Read More »


    The Coming VAT

    In fiscal year 2008, the Federal Budget Deficit increased to $455 Billion, which helped drive the total US National Debt to $10.6 Trillion (as of 11/16). The unfolding financial bailout will potentially add another $7.5 Trillionon that (including the likely auto bailout of $25BN is basically a rounding error to the total bailout number). You can also assume that President Obama and his strong Democratic | Read More »

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    Country First- John McCain and Rev. Wright

    I’m sure that I share the frustration that many of you have about Senator McCain’s absolute refusal to make an issue out of the fact that Barack Obama chose to call one of the most hateful figures in modern America – Jeremiah Wright – his close friend and mentor and to sit in the pews of his church for 20 years. As it’s abundantly clear | Read More »

    Release the Hounds

    Finally we get beyond the cute (though reasonably effective) Paris/Britney add and have the 529s coming into the mix going for a little more than flesh wounds. Check out this linkto a group called “American Issues Project” and the ad they have put together asking tough- but I think we would all agree fair- questions about Bill Ayers and Obama’s relationship (friendship?) with Ayers. I | Read More »

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    Obama Would Rather See Failure In Iraq Than Admit He Was Wrong

    Byron York at NROhighlights a breathtaking snippet from Terry Moran’s interview with Obama yesterday: TERRY MORAN: The surge of U.S. troops, combined with ordinary Iraqis’ rejection of both al Qaeda and Shiite extremists have transformed the country. Attacks are down more than 80% nationwide. U.S. combat casualties have plummeted, five this month so far, compared with 78 last July, and Baghdad has a pulse again. | Read More »

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    McCain to Pick VP This Week?

    According to Novak (via Drudge), Senator McCain will be announcing his VP pick this week. The most recent favorite for the pick seems to be Mitt Romney. I think it smacks of lack-of-headline desparation while The One soaks up all the political oxygen this week on his world tour. But at the same time, if McCain doesn’t want to start slinging the mud – aka | Read More »

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    President Bush Eulogizes Tony Snow

    NRO has a copyof President Bush’s remarks from Tony Snow’s funeral. I’m not going to lie, I had a lump in my throat by the end.