Conservative in the Midwest


    Wisconsin Collective Bargaining Bill Published As Law Today

    The bill the unions fought desperately to defeat was published Friday by the Reference Bureau.  It was published with a footnote about the restraining order which acknowledges the order but also notes that the Bureau must publish laws within 10 days. In a massive oversight by the democrats, the restraining order was taken out against Secretary of State Doug La Follette.  He is not responsible | Read More »

    Cold Warrior Kicks Another Fledgling Out of the Nest

    My journey to becoming a voting member of the Wisconsin GOP started on election day in 2008, though I didn’t realize where I was going at first.  Neither my husband nor I were happy to see Obama win the election.  But as the democrats liked to point out, we were in the 48%.   I was determined to give him a fair shake though, because | Read More »