I'm an architect, happily married to my college sweetheart and we have two kids. I am a Greek Orthodox Christian.


    Arguing with Leftists Idiots: Vol. 1

    Sunday’s cowardly, midnight-ish vote by the Demarxists was a life changing event for myself and my wife and I’m sure for many of us here at Redstate. It was our Pearl Harbor, except we knew it was coming. It was telegraphed from the moment Obamao was selected as the 44th POTUS. But what was so important about Sunday night was that it completely changed the | Read More »

    Get to Work: Contact Your Senators. TODAY!

    From the diaries, by Erick. Call 202-224-3121 right now. People. Today should be a busy day since the Statists have once again scheduled a cowardly, nightime, weekend vote on healthcare. Contact your Senators today urging them to vote ‘No’ tomorrow night to even begin debate. We can kill this thing tomorrow night if they can’t get 60 votes. I just sent this to Senator Webb | Read More »

    A Plea to the GOP

    It’s been almost a week since the cowardly vote by the Marxists (that’s right I said it….) in the House on the single most dangerous and totalitarian bill ever to be voted on in Congressional history. And yet save for comments from a few reliable conservatives on the Sunday morning circuit and in the beginning of the week, the RNC and GOP leadership is curiously | Read More »

    Cap and Trade: An Example of Real Cost

    I thought that after a week of digesting HR 2454 and it’s devastating consequences to this country should it become law, it might be good to provide a real world scenario of how this bill would devastate our residential and construction industries and consequently, our economy. First of all, I’m an architect of 18 years, most of which have been in the K-12 education market, a | Read More »


    Don’t you feel it? It’s all around us. Everywhere. At the mall. When you’re at a restaurant with your family. When you’re watching your kids play soccer on Saturday morning. About the only place I don’t feel it is at church on Sunday morning. Maybe that should be a clue about what’s missing in our country today. It really hit me last week when I | Read More »

    Has the VA GOP Just Nominated a Squish?

    Is McDonnell a squish? In these economic times, with public support moving more towards the generic GOP label in more than 2 decades and when 40% of the public identifies themselves as a ‘conservative’, why would our nominee not take advantage of this political environment and make a clear no tax pledge? I understand politicians not wanting to get boxed into a corner a la | Read More »

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    First Cornyn, now it’s time to call out Cantor

    I’m sure many of you have heard that Waxman’s Cap and Tax bill passed committee last night paving the way for yet another round of crushing tax increases on average Americans. I just called Cantor’s office here in Richmond to inquire about the GOP’s gameplan to fight this and was transferred to his DC office handling legislative matters. My conversation with Lisa in his office will | Read More »