Shane Vander Hart is the editor of Caffeinated Thoughts, a popular conservative blog in Iowa. He is also the Communications Director for American Principles Project with their Preserve Innocence Initiative. You can connect with Shane on Facebook or follow him on Twitter.


    Does Mitt Romney’s Education Plan Make the Grade?

    Education isn’t a sexy topic, but it is vitally important – education.  Mitt Romney after cinching the GOP nomination the Romney campaign released his education white paper. While there are a number of items that are praiseworthy in Governor Romney’s plan I came away with the sense that Governor Romney likes to talk federalism, but it isn’t the principles in federalism that he puts into | Read More »

    Socialism Creeping In

    There is much that has me concerned with Federal plan to help fix the credit mess that we find ourselves in. The $700,000,000,000 price tag for this made my eyes pop. Then, George Will expressed, there is a concern about proper oversight – should one person have this much control over this much money – elected or not? Lawrence Kudlow said in his op/ed on | Read More »

    Taxpayer Bailouts

    Justin Taylor intervied David Kotter regarding our current banking crisis. With the Fannie/Freddie takeover, the $85 Billion bailout of AIG, and then this [huge bailout being discussed today that could cost up to a TRILLION dollars] ( Kotter put the taxpayer cost into perspective (pre-Paulson plan): Last night the federal government committed to lend $85 billion to the insurer American International Group (AIG), on top | Read More »

    Kingdoms in Conflict

    I started reading God & Government: An Insider’s View on the Boundaries Between Faith & Politics by Charles Colson a couple of days ago. In first chapter titled “Kingdoms in Conflict” he shared a couple of quotes that stood in stark contrast from one another. Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from religious conviction Blaise Pascal Without Christian | Read More »