Why Romney is winning and conservatism is losing

    I discovered something quite astonishing yesterday. It turns out that it’s all about money. And, no, it’s not about how much each candidate is worth or how much they have in their campaign chest or advertising. It turns out that it’s pretty simple: It’s about how much the voter earns. In every single primary where an exit poll was conducted, most people making $100,000 or more voted for | Read More »

    We need tax reform, and there’s a must-read book to guide it.

    One of the most significant things that Reagan presided over was the 1986 tax reform. Since then, the tax code has been gathering change after random change that leads to confusion, bad policy, hidden spending, and has become something only a high-priced tax attorney can figure out. I’ve recently been learning a lot about how the tax system works and what needs to be changed | Read More »