One politician gets why “stimulus packages” do not stimulate growth.

    The EU discusses whether or not to promote a Keynsian-economics fiscal package similar to the ones we have had hoisted on us. German Chancellor Angela Merkel cuts to the core of the issue by calling this “cheap money.” and noting it will take the EU right down the same cycle of repeated “bailouts” we are now facing. Her argument demonstrates the core issue that Milton | Read More »

    The Soul of the Conservative Movement

    Well, if anyone doubted why Kathleen Parker and others hate the base of the party, let’s just dispel that doubt with her own words. Yes folks. The reason why we lost is because those pesky social conservatives keep talking about God in public. And we need to dump the identification with married Evangelical Christians (and their values) if we seek to grow the Republican Party.

    So please, Sec. Paulson, do tell us what the hurry was?

    I wish Sec. Paulson had written the last word on the Bailout Fiasco yesterday. But he gave the clearest summation of it’s failure, for he said it with his own words. Michelle Malkin today called the anemic Sec. Treasury Hank Paulson the “Naked Emperor.”. I’d like to say I am shocked that he admits that the bailout will not do what he intended already. But | Read More »

    No more bailouts: Yes, this means facilitating mergers too.

    So…here we go again. The Auto Industry is asking for our money…again. Well, who didn’t see this coming after the Wall Street bailout? The law of unintended consequences is taking hold with an iron fist. And now every struggling industry and Blue State is coming to Washington hat-in-hand to beg for your money. And “The One,” being beholden to all of them, is going to | Read More »

    Gingrich to the RNC

    Robert Novak suggested today that Newt should run for President in 12. I’m not buying this, for the reasons I state in my comment. At this point, Gingrich has too many self-inflicted wounds, too much dirt, and has real past personal issues that will not play well with much of the base. He’s a loyal soldier, a great leader, and we need him to be | Read More »

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    Cal Thomas: There are still two Kingdoms.

    Cal Thomas today declared the end of the Religious Right. To which I will say, “Yes and no.” I have struggled with this my entire adult life. Having been a Conservative longer than I have been a practicing, Bible-believing Christian, this is a perplexing question to me. And I will be honest. I have been frustrated for over a decade with how easily the Evangelical | Read More »

    This is not the end…

    It may be (to finish Sir Winston’s quote) the end of the beginning. Despair and anger are natural reactions this week. A lot of time and energy went into something that failed. What’s more, the circular firing squad poisoned the atmosphere even before the end. A lot of comparisons are being made in the media to 1992. Those aren’t the best comparisons. 1976 is a | Read More »

    Romney for NRCC?

    In today’s “Bad idea” segment I am struck by the defeatism that seems rampant in this post. First it assumes a loss in this election when the polls are showing things as close as even. Bad idea. Second, it all but assumes we ‘would likely lose’ against an incumbent Obama in 2012…I really don’t get that at all. If the blinders don’t fall off for | Read More »

    File under “stupid ideas”

    How to ensure a demagogue wins Why is it that the popular vote is considered the end-all-be-all of who should govern a nation. So someone runs up two or three large states that lean left 65/35 and can ignore the rest of the nation and deserves to govern why? They already get a huge electoral vote share for winning those states.

    The Obama Scrub Machine is striking again

    Yes Obama, we know you DID call for a national police force. The Blue Shirts in authority? Let’s ask a few questions about this, shall we?