The Reason They Hate Herman Cain…

    The Media has gone completely nuts over the anonymous accusations against Herman Cain. It is so comical to watch their predictable response… They know that Herman Cain would clean house

    Oh Good Grief!

    Horrors! Mark Block, Herman Cain’s Chief of Staff smokes!!!! John King, of CNN, is incensed that Herman Cain’s chief of staff actually puffed a smoke, after making a comment about

    Let The Sunshine In!

    Why do we need our representatives negotiating with the president in private over the debt ceiling? Can we have some sunshine on these discussions please? Our country is on the

    Hold the Administration/Government Bureaucrat Pay Checks!

    Ok, so the president is now saying if the debt ceiling isn’t raised (with tax increases!!!), people might not get their Social Security checks, the troops might not get paid…

    Hey Mr. Pres…

    YOU spent the money! Don’t give me this baloney about “the people won’t like their interest rates going up” if the Republicans don’t do what YOU want! That is cheap

    The Stimulus Didn’t Work? I’m Shocked!

    So the New York Times thinks Obama’s Stimulus didn’t work according to this morning’s op-ed. They think Washington isn’t doing enough to make the economy grow! So… more of the

    Good for Bush!

    W turned down an invitation by Obama to go the twin towers site tomorrow. I’m glad. I wouldn’t want to see him standing next to Obama, the complainer-in- chief at

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    Isn’t This Handy for Obama…

    Wow, just as his numbers were sinking, walla! Obama captures Osama! And what a momentous announcement on Sunday night about the brilliance of his planning, assembling the team to do

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    Just One More Dangerous Step?

    The WSJ reported today that “the Administration moved Wednesday to expand federal jurisdiction over waterways across the US, and act environmentalist said would restore protection to millions of acres of

    Why Now?

    The president has finally released his birth certificate? I guess the Trump pressure smoked him out…but is it legit, and why did it take so long? If “W” had pulled