Why I will continue to support Governor Perry

As we get closer and closer to the SC Primary, I keep hearing people tell me that my vote for Governor Perry is a vote for Mitt or somebody else depending on their agenda.  I hear it at work, on the radio and I see it on TV. I see it here at RedState too. Apparently I should support [ENTER NAME HERE] because only they can beat [ENTER OTHER NAME HERE].

Last election I settled on McCain after the primaries. After the convention, I was told to get in line otherwise Obama would win and all hell would break loose. I got in line and guess what happened? The GOP still lost and all hell broke loose. That’s what happens when you run a horrible candidate. A candidate who people don’t support because he doesn’t share their values. A candidate people support because they’re browbeaten to.

And here we are again, just a few short years later. Once again I’m being told to shut up and get in line to support a candidate that doesn’t share my beliefs.  If I don’t, all hell will break loose again.  Never mind the fact this isn’t the general election yet or that only two states that obviously do not share my values have voted. Never mind that this is turning into a replay of 2008 all over again.

Well, I have news for you. I’m not ready to shut up and get in line. My Rick Perry vote isn’t changing. Its not a vote for Mitt, Newt, Santorum, Paul or anybody else. Its a vote for my principles. That’s what primaries are for. They exist for people to vote their values and beliefs.  Only one candidate shares my beliefs on the major social, fiscal and economic issues facing our nation and has the record to prove it.

I believe Washington needs change. I believe in limited government, lower taxes and less regulation. I’m against bailouts, handouts and runaway spending. I believe our entitlement system needs change and our citizens need jobs. I believe our military needs to be treated better and our borders need to be secure. I believe we need energy independence. I don’t like people telling me that I have to buy insurance. I believe in capitalism and the free markets. I believe marriage is between a man and a woman and I believe in the sanctity of life.

I’m getting sick and tired of people telling me to ignore any of my values, to overlook tiny things like records, achievements and past statements and actions. I won’t do it. I will continue to contribute to Rick Perry and I will vote for him in the Texas primary. To do otherwise would be an admission that my principles can be overlooked. Its hard enough to do that in a general election. Its damn near unforgivable to do it in a primary.

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