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    Corporations Aren’t Parasites

    People who dismiss the unemployed and dependent as “parasites” fail to understand economics and parasitism. A successful parasite is one that is not recognized by its host, one that can make its host work for it without appearing as a burden. Such is the ruling class in a capitalist society. – Jason Read Associate Professor Read’s catchy word-bite is making the rounds of gullible Facebookers. | Read More »

    Not Selling Islam

    Last week Hamza Kashgari, a Saudi writer was arrested for Tweeting his opinion that he and the Islamic prophet Mohammad were essentially equals; he faces execution. For Christians that have endured Piss Christ, and The Holy Virgin Mary, such comments seem fairly innocuous, but Ismah, the doctrine of Muhammad’s infallibility says otherwise. Still, execution remains a stretch. Kashgari fled for his life to Malasia, which | Read More »


    Why Politicians Are Like Copper Thieves

    Washington is a criminal enterprise, which is not news. Politicians regularly dole favors to their donors in the form of grants and loan guarantees (Solyndra), theft of private assets for bailouts (Chrysler), and mandates for the use of worthless commodities (corn ethanol). The corruption is endless and goes back to Byzantium; governments are always corrupt because men are corruptible. Due to its size, however, Washington | Read More »

    The Old Time Media Is Not Always Biased

    Today Reuters reported on the EU’s attempt to create a “permanent bailout fund.” The US’s Dodd Frank law includes a $50 bln permanent bailout fund, but the Old Time Media’ facile coverage credulously quoted Pres. Obama’s State of The Union speech saying “No more bailouts.” Why does the OTM cover for Obama’s lies, but has no problem with straight reporting concerning Europe? The €500 bln | Read More »

    The RNC Should Give Paul What He Wants

    Rep. Ron Paul is running stronger than any other libertarian GOP candidate ever, including his own several bids. Still, everyone, even he, knows that Paul will not become President. Paul’s various stump and post-election speeches never allude to his governance, only the message he and his liberty minded supporters are sending to the Washington establishment. Campaigning is hard work for a 76-year-old, so why does | Read More »

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    Obama’s Commerce Combine

    Last week Pres. Obama asked Congress to combine six federal agencies into a single cabinet level agency to oversee Commerce. His nominal reason is to bolster the economy by making it easier to do business in the US and making the Federal Government better able to promote business. Given Obama’s outright hate for business and free markets, a skeptic might wonder why. The answer is | Read More »


    Hard Line Obama

    The Obama of 2008 is long gone. Pres. Obama is taking a page from FDR’s 1936 business bashing, class warfare reelection campaign, and getting rough. Obama has abandoned every appeal to independents and moderates in favor of shoring up his left-wing base. Clearly Obama is a professional politician, but the numbers just don’t seem to add up to a 2012 victory. Obama has provided worthwhile | Read More »


    A Slower March To Hell

    Tomorrow, the Iowa GOP caucuses will yield their punditry fodder. Despite Iowa’s hostility toward Gov. Romney’s East Coast big government, pro-abortion, and socialized medicine record, he may win narrowly. Combined with a decisive victory in New Hampshire, many analysts think an Iowa victory could lock in Romney for the nomination. Tactically, an early Romney lock makes sense – less wasted resources in primary battles, a | Read More »


    Anyone Can Become Kim Jong Il

    The world has been spared another day’s company with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il. Even among his evil peers, Mr. Kim’s atrocities stand out. His despotism starved millions of Koreans to death while he developed a reputation as an epicurean. He literally stole Korean and Japanese babies from their parents to train them as spy moles for the communist regime. He sold nuclear weapons | Read More »

    Buy Local First, or Money Is Made To Wander

    It is shopping season, and some do-gooders want to tell you how and where to spend your money. Go to a local coffee shop or book store and you might see a sign promoting ‘buy local first.’ The logic is simple – buy locally manufactured and sold products and more wealth will remain in your home town. Better, keep the money even closer – in | Read More »