Retired in 2000. Vietnam veteran (1968). Staunch Conservative. Strong supporter of Tea Party principles.


    Will the GOP Show Up for the 2012 Budget Fight?

    The GOP leadership failed us during the 2011 Budget debate. The promised $100B cuts quickly turned into $65B and then $38B which – in the final CBO analysis – only amounted to millions. We were let down again when our leadership wimped out in the battle over the debt limit by guaranteeing $2 trillion in new debt would be added to the National tally inside of 18 months. | Read More »

    A Message to the Vice President of the United States

    Dear Mr. Vice President, I am not a terrorist. I am a patriotic American who loves my country as much as you and a proud member of the Tea Party Movement. Only a physical disability stops me from attending every Tea party rally within a 300-mile radius of Kansas City waving my own Don’t Tread on Me sign. I cherish my God-given freedoms and thank | Read More »

    From Tea to Shining Tea

    Whatever happens in the debt/deficit battle in Washington from here out, the Tea Party can stand up and claim an historic victory. Not a victory for their Movement, and not a victory for the Tea Party Republicans they sent to Congress. But a victory for America. For the first time in my lifetime, I am watching Democrats come to the table to seriously talk about | Read More »

    If Nobody Else Will Say It – Then *I* Will

    Unless somebody spiked my Coke, I heard Boehner reveal last night (for the first time) that he and Obama were close to a deal in which the Speaker agreed to $800B in new tax revenues. I didn’t hear it explained in the context of “tax reform” whereby loopholes would be closed in exchange for lower tax rates – but rather a NET revenue increase of $800B. | Read More »

    Cut Cap & Balance Bill: A “Symbolic” Vote?

    It’s not a “serious” plan. It’s “partisan politics” by the GOP. Republicans know it will never pass the Senate, so it’s just a “symbolic” vote. We would expect that kind of rhetoric from Obama, Reid, and the Left Stream Media. But it appears the GOP has conceded to that description of the CC &B plan passed last night in the House on a bipartisan vote. | Read More »

    Boehner Talks Tough on Spending – But We’ve Heard it Before

    Leading up to the 2010 election, John Boehner projected an aura of strength and a determined resolve to slash Government spending. He came across as a tough guy on a mission, and was convincing enough to persuade voters to put Republicans back in control of the House.   Well, we all know how that turned out.   The “largest spending cuts in U.S. history” gave | Read More »

    How Obama Can Lower Gas Prices Overnight

      President Obama’s “solution” to rising oil and gas prices is to vilify oil companies for making profits and to take away tax subsidies that encourage exploration. Neither of these measures, of course, will slow down the rapidly rising cost of crude and gas at the pump. It’s merely playing to the populist anger over skyrocketing gas prices. Crude oil prices, like everything else, is | Read More »

    The Budget War: When Liberalism and Conservatism Collide

      With deficits and debt taking center stage in the national discourse, the time has never been better to settle the long-standing argument that defines the most profound difference between Liberalism and Conservatism: What is the role of Government in this country? This is a debate that is long overdue and that has heretofore only been skirted around the edges. This discussion should be brought | Read More »

    The Most Predictable Crisis in History

      Natural disasters generally come out of nowhere and catch us off guard. That’s particularly true of earthquakes, tsunamis, the deadly slew of tornadoes that laid waste to the south recently, and major hurricanes like Katrina. There is little that can be done to avert the destructive fury of a magnitude 8.0 earthquake or a Cat 5 hurricane. We are witnessing today the making of | Read More »

    Washington Math: Playing With Numbers

    Consider this hypothetical scenario: at the first of the year, my wife tells me she needs to raise her monthly shopping allowance by $200 due to inflation, fashion changes, etc. Being the devout fiscal Conservative I am, and after a long, not-so-loving negotiation, we finally settle on a monthly increase of $125. Did I succeed in cutting our monthly budget by $75? In the fiery words | Read More »