What Does Trump Stand For?

    I don’t want just another champion who gets the win. I want a champion who gets wins for freedom.

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    Conservatism is Faltering. Who is to Blame?

    We can blame Obama. We can blame Romney. We can blame Boehner or Reid. We can blame the Republican establishment. We can blame the media. They all certainly deserve some blame. How do conservatives start winning on a national level? We start blaming ourselves. Not for standing on correct principle, not for defending God-given rights and responsibilities. No, we blame ourselves for not fighting hard | Read More »

    Petition for Religious Freedom

    Just checked out the petitions site today. I was surprised to find no petitions related to religious liberty. I posted one related to the most visible issue of  the day. I am not Catholic nor do I have a problem with some forms of contraception. I do have a heavy concern that the encroachment on religious freedom is getting ever closer to a tipping | Read More »

    Giffords Deceives Re: Abortion in HR 3200

    Rep. Giffords sent a mass response to constituents who have asked her about taxpayer-funded abortions. It was so plainly designed to deceive, I felt compelled to respond with the following. —————————————– Hello Representative Giffords, Thank you for taking the time to respond. However, my question remains unaddressed. I asked if you would support any bill that allows for funding of abortions. Though this reply has | Read More »