You stay classy, Romney fans

    When I heard the results of the CPAC voting I was rather surprised (as probably most everyone was), and then I saw a video of them announcing Paul as the winner and there were boos, and it seemed a bit odd.  But a while ago I saw a longer version of the video, that doesn’t just show them announcing the winner, but announcing all the results.  | Read More »


    A glorious victory indeed!

    Last night’s victory in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (or the People’s Republic of Massachusetts as it was commonly referred to in the past) has brought with it great joy, tremendous celebration, and just an all-round feeling of happiness to not just to Republicans or Conservatives, but to Conservative Democrats, Independents and Tea Party supporters as well.  Indeed it was a victory for everyone who wasn’t | Read More »

    Does the AP respect women?

    Like many of us tonight, I enjoyed watching the ‘Double Feature’ of ‘An American Carol’ and ‘Expelled’, two fantastic movies that were quite the treat to enjoy together, and I must say they inspired me.  I could write about the evils of political correctness as witnessed in American Carol, about how we always have to be vigilant in the fight against the forces of evil, | Read More »

    Sarah Palin gets it Right again

    When I first heard about Governor Palin’s decision to resign as Governor, I was surprised, and curious to find out why.  I was afraid she was quitting politics for some reason, even though there was no reason that was apparent.  Having heard her eloquent speech, having read her comments that she gave via ‘tweet’ and facebook, it is apparent that my fears were happily unfounded.  | Read More »

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    A Post Election Plan, Part Three

    In the first two parts of this series, I delved into some very basic, but very essential, elements of the plan, and if you haven’t yet read them I encourage you to do so after reading this, part three.   Part three will focus on tips for what Governor Palin should do as she prepares for a 2012 Presidential Campaign.  First, let us remind ourselves that one | Read More »

    A Post-Election Plan, Part Two

    Hi. In Part One of this Post-Election Plan series I gave some advice to our candidate in 2012, Govenror Sarah Palin. I described in detail why it was vital that she immediately set up a PAC, and much more. If you haven’t read Part One, please do so after reading this. We’re still two days out from the Election, so I want to focus on | Read More »

    A Post-Election Plan, Part One

    Like you, I am hoping and praying that McCain-Palin win the election Tuesday. I am certainly more optimistic now that the polls are tightening and the Campaign has finally hit its stride. However as a Chess Master I know the importance of looking far ahead, and that is something that is very important in politics also. It is so easy to get into the heat | Read More »

    This clever move could win McCain the election

    We all know that tomorrow Obama will be on several major TV stations for a half an hour of….well, we dont know what exactly, but he’s got a half hour to do or say whatever he wants. The McCain campaign should purchase a half hour on the same networks, or at least ONE of the networks, and let it be known in advance what it | Read More »

    Ten days to go

    With just 10 days to go until election day, and McCain still trailing in every single poll, usually by a fairly bad margin, it is worth reminding ourselves once again how it was just about a month and a half ago that McCain-Palin was AHEAD, including one poll that had them up by 10 points. How did it all go so wrong? Its really not | Read More »

    The winning move for McCain

    By now we all know that Barak Obama has bought 30 minutes of Prime Time TV that he will use in about a week. What we don’t know is how McCain plans to counter that. Right now it kind’ve seems like he DOESNT plan to counter it, which of course would be insane, particularly given how cheap this ad buy was, according to media reports. | Read More »