Weaker at Home, Less-Respected Around the World…

    That long-running leftist delusion about how “We will make the world love us again” sure got old fast, didn’t it? (Never mind that outside of the jet-setting cliques of babbling salon intellectuals, our reputation around the world has always been pretty good – unlike the salon intellectuals, your humble correspondent actually gets out on the ground and meets real people with real ideas. But I | Read More »

    A Little Taste of Nairobi

    This morning, I’m in Zurich on the way home from a few days in Nairobi (Kenya). This was a rather interesting and serious visit, and I got to spend quite a bit of time talking with both business and government leaders about their longer-term development plans and aspirations. If there is interest (vote in comments ), I can try to put together a more serious | Read More »


    Barack Mondale

    Over the past year, we’ve discussed a variety of prior-Presidential prototypes that Barack Obama seems to be following – by intent or outcome. Jimmy Carter is prominently mentioned – as is LBJ. But recent events prompt me to give you another one – of a presidency that never even happened. Barack Obama is Walter Mondale. And he insists on running – 25 years later – | Read More »

    Another September 11th

    In the grand sweep of American history, the “War of 1812” seems to rank near the bottom of the list of events of possible importance. Just the name given to war seems to reflect this – naming nothing in particular to associate with that war, other than the year in which it began. However, the “War of 1812” (which actually stretched on until the end | Read More »

    August 23, 1939 – The Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact

    Today is an anniversary that is being marked rather somberly in places like the Baltic countries. Seventy years ago today, the foreign ministers of the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany – Vyacheslav Molotov and Joachim von Ribbentrop – stunned the world by announcing a non-aggression pact between their two (totalitarian) countries. While there had been a great deal of vituperate invective between the two great | Read More »

    Breakfast in Pretoria

    This morning at the hotel here in Pretoria, I had breakfast with a businessman who is in town from Harare, the capitol of nearby Zimbabwe. He had a number of fascinating things to say about the present situation in Zimbabwe, which I’ll share below the fold.


    The F-22 – Why Does This Surprise You, General?

    There’s a nice little piece over in today’s Wall Street Journal authored by General Merrill McPeak, expressing his dismay at the premature termination of the build-out of the originally-planned fleet of the F-22 Raptor – the kick-*ss air-superiority fighter pictured above. The piece is rather good, so I’ll let you go read the whole thing via the link. I’ll just note a couple of things | Read More »

    “Green Hell” – The Interview

    (Back in June, while I was in Washington, “Green Hell” author Steve Milloy graciously agreed to sit down for an interview. You can find my review of “Green Hell” here.) Q: At what point did you realize that you had accumulated enough material for a book? A: Having run for 13 years now, I started to realize that on this issue someone really needed | Read More »

    “Green Hell” – A Review

    You might have noticed that Al Gore has recently been saying some very immodest things about anyone who dares to disagree with his views. Of course, when someone like Mr. Gore says things like that, it tells us more about his views than about those of his opponents. And what is the real agenda of Mr. Gore and his fellow-traveling greenshirts? If you want to | Read More »

    August 1st, 1943 – The Ploesti Raid

    When one heads north out of Bucharest (by either road or rail), it takes a considerable amount of time for the city to “fall away.” When that finally does happen, you find yourself out on the Wallachian plain – which is very flat, now nearly treeless, and (in summer) very hot. The cityscape and traffic of Bucharest are replaced by scenes of peasant farmers transporting | Read More »

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