For global warming activists, Scottish ski resort partially snowed in.‏

    It seems the Nevis Range Ski Resort has record 59 straight days of snow this year and is considering staying open until summer. They have gotten so mauch snow that they have some chairlifts that cannot be used because they are snowed under and are being dug out. Some quotes from the article: “The snow cover was described as “wall-to-wall”. Average snow depths are thought | Read More »

    “Don’t do this to me”- Sebelius e-website-down-while-sebelius-testifies/ Rep. Cory Gardner, R-Colo., questioned Sebelius why she won’t drop her coverage for Obamacare. “I am not eligible for the exchange,” Sebelius replied. Rep. Billy Long, R-Mo., asked Sebelius if she would “commit to forego your government program to go into the exchanges like everybody else?” Asking again, “If you can, will you?’ Sebelius replied that she “will take a look at it,” | Read More »

    Houston+Minneapolis demographics, 1980+2010.

      This is a condensed version of yesterday’s post by me, “What would Houston look like today without illegal immigration”.  I know in this twitter world we live in reading anything is painful, but I thought it important enough to cut down given we have a new immigration/amnesty bill riding on the whim of the crying man(John Boehner) to see just what to expect. I dug | Read More »

    What Houston might look like today without illegal immigration.

      For those who may not live in Houston or never been to Houston or haven’t been to Houston in many years, you would find over the past 30 years it has changed. Now, it is not a change so drastic that you would notice if you hadn’t lived through it; but it has changed. The question is, with an amnesty bill most likely being | Read More »

    Shame is gone, former SC gov running for congress.

    From the Weekly Standard: “Mark Sanford, the former governor of South Carolina, will run for the House of Representatives, sources close to Sanford confirm. He will try to win election to the seat formerly held by Tim Scott.” You may better remember the former governor better as: “In 2009, halfway through his second term as governor, reports surfaced that Sanford was missing, with staff referring | Read More »

    Explaining public and private business in 6 easy steps.

     We have all heard President Obama tell the country that you essentially accomplished nothing on your own( and everything you did or the US has done has been with the help of government and it has made many furious.  So, I came up with the simplest example I could to explain how government produces something and how private business produces something so that you have some way | Read More »

    The US’s energy ultimate weapon, natural gas.

    I’ve been a fan of natural gas for sometime, but read this article recently on the Amrican thinker and had to share it with the red staters:; and it is now obvious to me that the US’s use of natural gas will be the decider in making putting the US atop the energy world for decades.  You are free to read the article, but | Read More »

    Another reason that Obamacare may lose, the 2010 SOTU speech.

      Just a little review for those who may have forgotten, but in the 2010 SOTU speech, Obama called out the supreme court during the speech for a decision that “reversed a century of law to open the floodgates – including foreign corporations – to spend without limit in our elections.” Now, the counter or courts argument for being right, from here: was that, “Court overturned | Read More »

    Govt+state rail are the canals of the 21st century.?

    I came across this site last week: EconJournalWatch – at:  I put the excerpt supporting my subject title below, but you can read it or the article if you wish, but basically what happened is after the building of the Erie canal was such a success, a big splurge of canals were built and financed by the states which coincided with a fanancial panic | Read More »

    Cain’s campaign is over ! He takes on Newt, 1 on1; Saturday.

      Cain has agreed to a one on one debate with newt saturday for 90 minutes, carrid by c-span. Cain is going to be done for with the soundbytes that come from that. Now, I like Cain personally, but he doesnt have the background on how DC works, hasn’t thought thru the US’s domestic and international issues or knows what will work best. If he’s | Read More »