O’Biden: ‘Oh Boss, Israel Won’t Play. They’ve Seen This Rodeo Before’.

Vice Emperor Biden’s sidewalk act isn’t playing well in places like Tel Aviv, Beersheba, Haifa, or Jerusalem. The administration’s choice for ‘putting those Jews in their place’ is no intellectual giant in the first place, as he has proven on innumerable occasions both at home and abroad. In this he’s much like his boss, the would-be once and future king. Too bad the President hasn’t figured out that the American people don’t cotton much to kings, dictators or wannabes. Much to ‘Jumpin’ Joe Biden’s discomfiture, the Israelis have this one down pat also.

Joe Biden and President Shimon Peres

Joe is so dense that he went to Israel planning on tapping in to the autumn of Israeli discontent, in the form of the completely discredited and now powerless liberals, who have been the loudest proponents of an appeasement policy towards the very ‘Palestinian’ terrorists who would gleefully see to the annihilation of every man, woman and child in the State of Israel.

These same ‘appeaseniks’ are the ones who would trade away much of Israel’s strategic security in fanciful ‘land-for-peace’ deals. Shamefully, many of these bogus ’security’ deals have been fostered by a United States desperate to show some sort of moral high ground at the expense of the Israeli people through several administrations. This points to a sadly deficient State Department which has been proven to be not only anti-American, but anti-semitic as well.

Speaking of anti-semitic, we have ‘good old Joe’ scolding the Israelis for not buying into Barak Hussein Obama’s latest attempt to collar Israel and have them cower in front of His Magnificence. The Israelis announced no intention to reverse the decision to build 1600 settlers’ homes on the occupied West Bank, on land annexed to the holy city. Ramat Shlomo is part of the area that Israel considers to be part of the holy city and capital of the State.

Biden was depending on selling the Israelis the idea that his boss, Barack Obama, was committed to defending Israel from the threat of a nuclear-armed Iran. A claim which recent cowardly reversals by the administration have proven to be patently untrue.
Sorry, Joe. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010

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