NY-26 Hochul : “We’re not looking to the Constitution on that”

    Freshman Democrat Congresswoman Kathy Hocul held a town hall meeting in Lancaster, NY on Friday, February 24 at 10:30 AM.  I’m sure she and her staff did not expect a great turnout for a mid-morning meeting on a typical work day. At Mass on Ash Wednesday, two days before the meeting, Father Leon Biernet of Our Lady of Pompeii gave his sermon about the abysmal | Read More »

    My Cable bill just went up again

    (This is for all my liberal / uninformed friends who think recent events are a good thing)   ME:  My cable bill is $112.00 this month.  That’s $20.00 more than normal.  Why? CABLE BILLING DEPARTMENT LADY:  Sir, thank you for calling.  We are pleased to inform you that you are now receiving 82 additional channels in your programming! ME:  I didn’t order 82 more channels.  | Read More »

    Pray for Kathleen Byham and for our Republic

    I am so saddened and enraged I can barely type this.  This random, horrendous murder could have happened to any one of us. To summarize, 45-year old Kathleen Byham was leaving a Wal-Mart in rural western New York.  An illegal Honduran going to buy cartridges for an air pistol, in order to ‘scare’ someone else, impulsively decided ‘to get out of here’ and repeatedly stabbed | Read More »

    Crooked politicians

    My dad was a great man.  This diary is not about him, but I can’t write this without thinking about him as we approach the 10-year anniversary of his passing into a greater place.  He was a man of very few words.  A conversation amongst family could carry on for a long time before he would say anything.  Then, he would come out with a | Read More »

    Erie County NY Legislature Democrats hate rich-people money

    In an incredible example of partisan childishness, the Democrats on the Erie County, NY county legislature looked a gift horse in the mouth, then publicly berated said horse’s owner until he rescinded the gift. The big picture:  Erie County budget cuts chopped funding for many smaller cultural organizations.  A private foundation tried to save the cultural groups, using private money.  The foundation representative presenting the | Read More »

    Add one more flip to Nov 2 elections

    The New York State Senate has flipped back to the Republicans… finally.  While a legal challenge is still in the works, this looks very good for New York. Craig Johnson (D) has said he will appeal the judge certification of the election, claiming his loss by 451 out of over 85,000 votes cast needs a hand recount. With new voting machines in use in all | Read More »

    Candidate threatened with knife – news at 11 (not!)

    Republican candidate for Congressional district NY-28, Dr. Jill Rowland, was threatened by a man with a knife Wednesday night, during a campaign round table.   According to her Gateway Pundit and her facebook page someone called 911and the man was arrested a short time later.  A search revealed he had an open utility knife on his person. I can understand it not making Wednesday’s 11 PM | Read More »

    Paladino STILL not PC

    Carl Paladino, the NY Republican candidate for governor, apparently has stepped in it again.   He said what he believed.  He spoke his mind, expressed his opinion, exercised his right to free speech.  EGADS! The NYPost had one the least offensive headlines:  “Paladino says kids shouldn’t be ‘brainwashed’ into thinking homosexuality is OK”.    Salon (sorry, not linking this) says “Carl Paladino goes after gays”.   My favorite  | Read More »

    Paladino steps into NY Governor race

    Multiple sources here and here are saying Carl Paladino may be jumping into the NY Governor race.  He is a successful businessman and developer, and has been very outspoken against much of what’s wrong in NY. He is being supported by the Tea Party movement, and it looks like for now he will be running under that party’s line. I don’t know his name recognition | Read More »