A List of Reasons (In No Specific Order) For Why Invading Iraq Was Justified

    I expect that very soon (perhaps as early as this morning), some of us will be confronted with this question “Was the war in Iraq a mistake?”  We’ll be talking with family, or debating politics in general, or advocating for Candidate X or against Candidate Y.  After last night’s debate, when a GOP presidential candidate basically accused a previous GOP president of lying his people into war | Read More »

    Can Lois Lerner’s victims sue her?

    This diary won’t be long at all, because it doesn’t need to be.  Can Lois Lerner’s victims sue her?

    We may hold the high ground this time.

    As the smoke clears from a dizzying and demoralizing week,  I’m starting to think that those of us who aren’t white supremacists—good day, Virginia Postrel, from today’s Instapundit at 1:07 PM*—but still want proper respect shown to those parts of the Confederate legacy that deserve respect, might be on some pretty good ground for the fight ahead. (* Apologies in advance—I can’t insert hyperlinks to | Read More »

    Looking for recommendations on a Confederate heritage organization

    In the past few days, as the Confederate flag flap has accelerated to insane proportions, I’ve noticed a real “hands-off, not my concern” affair from the conservative chattering class. “NOT MUCH TO SAY IN DEFENSE OF CONFEDERATES: But to be fair they didn’t kill a hundred million people.”  That was just posted on Instapundit by Sarah Hoyt, a conservative science fiction author.  Thank you very | Read More »

    Some questions for GOP leadership and Presidential candidates on the Confederacy

    If I want to display a picture of Robert E. Lee in my work cubicle, would you object?  If a coworker files a complaint, would you support me?  Or, would you want me to take it down, in a show of tolerance? My son wants to do a book report on Robert E. Lee, which emphasizes the many positive aspects of the man.  When the | Read More »

    Resolved: No GOP women talk to Carol Costello

    Once you have power, use it.  After last night, GOP women have power.  And gravitas. I humbly submit that the GOP should make it known that, if Carol Costello’s producer comes a calling for an interview, no one’s gonna call back. Press conferences, interviews and all other GOP interactions with CNN—especially interactions by GOP female electees—should be declared “Carol Costello-free zones.” Make ’em wince.   | Read More »

    Looking for examples of unions conducting political activities during work time

    Greetings, smagar here. In Tucson, we’re up to our elbows in last-minute politicking.  I’m in a situation where I need to show the local leftys examples of union members and other liberals conducting political activities at the work place or during work hours.  (I.e., politicking while you and I are paying them!) So far, I’m not having too much success on finding good examples in | Read More »

    TWE was the US decision to invade Iraq motivated by our concern for…Israel?

    Greetings, Redstaters…smagar here.  I have a question for the collective:  To what extent was the US decision to invade Iraq motivated by the existence of, and peril to, Israel?  Here’s why I’m asking that. About a week ago, National Review’s Jonah Goldberg tweeted that, while listening to the Diane Rehm show on NPR, he couldn’t help but notice the high levels of animosity towards Israel | Read More »

    Harry Reid’s Gift To All Of Us

    Harry Reid just elevated the Obamacare battle. If we play this right, he elevated it to his side’s detriment. From National Review’s article by their editors on Democrats’ killing the filibuster: The filibuster is not sacred writ, and we are on record supporting procedural changes to overcome partisan obstruction. The more serious concern here is that the Democrats are attempting to pack the courts, especially | Read More »

    A Convenient Headline Obscures Some Inconvenient Truths

    Have you seen this POLITICO piece? If you haven’t, read it. Since the Affordable Care Act was introduced in 2009, Republicans have dismissed President Barack Obama’s oft-repeated promise that anyone who liked their insurance plan would be able to keep it. But was anyone paying attention? For years, the media turned a blind eye to conservatives’ insistent warnings, often taking the president’s promise for granted. | Read More »

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