Have you noticed that CNN has shown a lot of interest in John Murtha’s porkbarreling recently?

Wasn’t Murtha contemplating retirement one or two election cycles ago?  Isn’t it likely that he’ll leave the Congress within a few years anyway?

Isn’t his district pretty safe for the Dems?  I.e., if Murtha turns out to be too toxic to keep around, isn’t it a pretty safe bet that the Dems can hold the seat if they nominate a more palatable pol for it?

Come to think of it…Murtha’s a gaffe machine, isn’t he?  And, with the House now firmly in D control, his vote isn’t nearly as important as it was just four years ago.


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Meanwhile, CNN’s ratings are slipping.  Perhaps, one reason for that is a growing public perception that CNN wants to see Democrats succeed.  News organizations aren’t supposed to be openly sympathetic to one side or the other in a debate, are they?

Well, one way to counter that would be for CNN to skewer and help bring down a big name Dem pol.

Especially one that many Dem leaders wouldn’t mind being rid of in the first place.

Plus…if the Tea Party crowd and conservative bloggers get a scalp they can hang on their wall, maybe their “blood lust” will be satisfied a bit.  Maybe they’ll be distracted a bit…

It wouldn’t surprise me if ideas like this are hinted at (NOT said out loud) in those regular conference calls Rahm Emmanuel has with Paul Begala and James Carville.  You know, those two CNN employees…

Who knows…maybe ABC News might go after Murtha as well…

I’m just sayin…