I Hope That Hugh Hewitt Doesn’t Go Easy On Candy Crowley Today…

    …or the next time she’s on his program. Candy Crowley is a regular Friday guest on The Hugh Hewitt Show. Today, Hugh is asking conservatives and Republicans to ““go easy on Crowley.” Some conservatives are upset that Romney didn’t deliver a second obviously crushing series fo blows to the president, but Romney did turn in a confident, assured performance that did not show a bit | Read More »

    It’s Time For The Todd Akin Pity Party To Stop

    (Emphasis added). From Politico, hat tip to HotAir Akin is now mounting a populist-tinged campaign, where he’s stoking anger among the party faithful toward his GOP “bosses,” a shot at Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, Republican Party Chairman Reince Priebus and National Republican Senatorial Committee Chairman John Cornyn — all of whom called on Akin to end his bid before the Tuesday drop-out deadline. In | Read More »

    No funding for Akin—blame triage.

    I’ll bet a bunch of you have received the same e-mail I did this morning, from the Senate Conservative’s Fund. “Need Your Input On the Missouri Senate Race.” Matt Hoskins, the fund’s executive director, is asking people if the fund should support Akin’s reelection bid. I find it mildly troubling that the Senate Conservatives Fund is asking people that it doesn’t know whether the FUnd | Read More »

    Thoughts on—OK, worries about—the political TV ads in central Virginia

    I’ve had a chance to watch a bunch of the TV ads airing on Richmond (VA) stations. Here are some concerns I have, FWIW 1. I do not see Romney/Ryan hammering home the debt issue. IMO that’s our most powerful weapon, because Team Obama can’t really counter that. Both sides are running ads that seem to send the same general message: “My plan is better | Read More »

    “Mischief” Idea for Charlotte—do they have electronic billboards there?

    If so, someone should consider renting time on as many of those billboards as they can. Then, they can flash all sorts of messages that Dems would prefer NOT to see during their convention. For example—”Beam Me Up, Scotty!” About a year ago, a former Planned Parenthood official wrote a book about her experiences in the employ of that abortion provider. She tells the story | Read More »

    Looking for some good resources to defend Ryan’s Medicare plan

    Howdy folks. Starting tomorrow, I expect the Dems to be in full Mediscare mode. I’m looking for some good online resources that take on the Dems’ key Mediscare arguments. E.g., even though Ryan says that people 55 and over won’t be affected, Dems claim that Ryan’s proposed Medicare changes will weaken the plan overall—and THAT will hurt seniors. Where are some good, credible sources—preferably as | Read More »

    Here’s an example of the local Democratic blogosphere’s performance in the AZ8 special

    Did Republicans Deliberately Sabotage The Economy? Greetings everyone–smagar here. I’ve linked an article just posted on, by “Baja Democrats.” Baja is the most active Democratic blogger on I, blogging on the “Fort Buckley” blog on, have been duking it out with Baja and the other Tucson leftys. This appears to be Baja’s big pre-election blog in support of Ron Barber, the Democrat | Read More »

    Help me help you…and Jesse Kelly…in AZ 8th’s special election. Be a “surge commenter”

    Greetings Redstaters. smagar here. I write the “Fort Buckley” blog on It’s an openly partisan GOP and conservative blog—the only one on the site. Right now, I’m blogging in support of Jesse Kelly’s election. We could use some commenters in the online publications down here. It would be great if we could get some help over the next few weeks. (The election is June | Read More »

    The Day That Andrew Breitbart & Company Came To Tucson

    Cross-posted from the Tucson Citizen Last April, the Tucson Tea Party (TTP) gathered in Reid Park. 2011 had been a rough year for the TTP. Three months earlier, liberals and the media (yes, I repeat myself) made it sound as if Jared Loughner had been a fellow traveler with the Tea Party movement. By April, though, it was clear that the TTP had been unfairly | Read More »

    What is the SMART GOP Congressional response to Obama’s recess appointments?

    As all of us know, President Obama picked a fight with the GOP this week over recess appointments. The question now is—what’s the smart way to respond? At first blush, I’m in agreement with Ace, from Ace of Spades, posted the day Obama threw down the gauntlet: Basically Obama is running for President and he wants his opponent to be “Congressional Republicans”. Sometimes the best | Read More »