Will David Prosser have to go down, in order to restore, ahem, “civility” on the WI Supreme Court?

    I’m noticing a “plague on both of their houses” attitude in some of the conservative blogosphere’s reaction to the “Battle in Madison” between Justices Bradley and Prosser. Specifically, I see commentary that implies that BOTH sides are at fault here. Glenn Reynolds, in Instapundit: UPDATE: More details arise in Wisconsin’s “Chokegate.” Justice Abrahamson isn’t coming off too well. But then, who is? Really, if I had | Read More »

    Looking for advice—I’d like to track down somone who threatened me online

    Looking for advice on tracking down someone who threatened me online.  I write a conservative blog on my town’s online newspaper.  A commenter wrote that I should be shot.  I have the IP address—is there any way I can track down who sent the message?  At the very least, if I can put some heat on the Internet provider, I can make the dude’s life | Read More »

    If CNN Laughs Out Loud at The GOP Tomorrow Night—I Wouldn’t Blame Them

    Remember the 2008 CNN You Tube GOP Presidential candidate debate?  I do.  Remember the penultimate questioner of the night?  A retired military flag officer who questioned the GOP candidates about the subject of gay marraige—definately an uncomforatble subject for GOP candidates.  I do. Remember how, even before the program was over!, conservatives had researched this retiree online, found out he was associated with the Hillary | Read More »

    It’s important that “Atlas Shrugged” do well this weekend

    We all know it’s risky to be a conservative fillmmaker or actor in Hollywood. We all want to see more conservative-friendly (or, at the very least, not-conservative-insulting) movies and TV shows. Well, one way to make that happen is to financially reward those conservative folks in Hollywood in front of the camera, behind it and paying for it. If “Atlas Shrugged” has a good opening | Read More »

    I can understand Hillary dissing Fox News—but ROBERT GATES?

    Is it possible that the the two most prominent Cabinet officials in the Executive Branch decided to blow off Fox News today. Is the White House playing favorites again with media outlets? There has been a back-and-forth between Fox News and the White House ever since President Barack Obama took his oath in 2009. And the latest episode appears to have occurred on Sunday after | Read More »

    What would Machiavelli the Tea Partier Do In Wisconsin Today?

    Today should be a glorious day for personal responsibility and public sanity in Wisconsin. Yes, the Tea Party cavalry will ride into Madison. I doubt there will be many union counter-protesters…they’re not getting paid to protest today, like they were this week by being “sick.” So, the Tea Partiers should have the streets largely to themselves. If I were Machiavelli, and I were a Tea | Read More »

    Does Keith Olbermann write logic textbooks for Pima County’s community colleges?

    If Fox News is a propaganda machine, then it misleads its viewers. Fox News is a propaganda machine. Therefore, Fox News misleads its viewers. If you are a student in Pima Community College this year (southern Arizona, whose major city is Tucson), you’ll see this argument listed as an example of a hypothetical syllogism. (A syllogism having a conditional statement for one or both of | Read More »

    Art Jacobson, blogger, furthers meme that Tea Party is to blame for Gifford’s shooting

    Okay, here we go: Follow this link to “The Data Port”, written by Art Jacobson, a blogger. Art is a thoughtful guy, but very liberal. Unfortunately, he has posted a link to and an excerpt from Joan Walsh’s Salon column, a column that implies that Tea Party rhetoric led to Giffords’ shooting. Art made no rebuttal to what Walsh said. I’m presuming that Art | Read More »

    LOTS of new Democratic Voters Show up in AZ—What A Coinky-Dink!

    This is an unsurprising development in the southern Arizona congressional races—CD7 (McClung V Grijalva) and CD8 (Giffords V Kelly). I realize this may not qualify as original research, but I wanted to make sure people knew about this. The Yuma Sun is reporting that two organizations — Mi Familia Vota and One Vote Arizona — submitted more than 3000 voter registrations in Yuma County, and | Read More »

    Ruth McClung Targeted By Brand New Blog

    “Tucson Progressive” is one of the newest citizen bloggers that’s been added to She’s only been on the “air” less than two weeks, and already she’s picked out a prime target—Ruth McClung. What a coinky-dink. Ruth McClung starts making serious inroads against Raul Grijalva, in a district designed to favor a Democrat—and a new blogger pops up and starts unloading on her. In the | Read More »