Calling on all conservative commenters—send some help to Tucson and “Fort Buckley”

    Greetings, Redstaters—smagar here. Some of y’all are aware that I run the “Fort Buckley” blog on I think of it as a conservative outpost in liberal country. (Tucson is a pocket of blue in an otherwise very red state). (or is an online reincarnation of the old Tucson Citizen newspaper, which folded nearly two years ago. The new online version offers a | Read More »

    Wait—I thought Republicans HATED Latinos? Apparently NM didn’t get Dolores Huerta’s memo…

    Looks as if the Land of Enchantment might elect a—GASP—Hispanic Republican governor! Republican gubernatorial candidate Susana Martinez’s lead over Democrat Diane Denish has grown to 10 points, and Martinez has also reached the all-important 50 percent threshold, according to a new poll conducted for her campaign. The poll, conducted Sept. 11-13, had Martinez leading 50 percent to 40 percent. The survey of 600 likely voters | Read More »

    The possible “Tea Party Express” path to a filibuster-proof Senate…in 2013?

    I can’t imagine Sarah Palin, Jim DeMint and the Tea Party Express are indifferent to the Senate. More to the point, I’m presuming that they, like most of the rest of us, recognize the need to have a filibuster-proof Senate at some point in the near-future, in order to REPEAL Obamacare. So, if Sarah Palin and Jim DeMint and the Tea Party Express are willing | Read More »

    Jay Cost on the DE GOP Senate Primary: If you want to repeal Obamacare in the future, vote for Mike Castle now.

    Jay Cost, who came to my attention when he started blogging at Real Clear Politics, is IMO one of the clearest and deepest thinkers on the nuts-and-bolts of politics on the street today. Check out his “Horse Race” blog, and you’ll see what I mean. Jay now blogs at Weekly Standard; from there he weighed in on the Castle/O’Donnell race in DE. He sides with | Read More »

    Arizona Democrats are playing in the CD8 GOP primary—AGAIN!

    In the summer of 2006, I was surprised to see the Democrats running TV ads…in the GOP primary. The ads targeted a candidate (whose name escapes me and Google can’t find) who was the GOP’s preferred successor for the retiring Jim Kolbe. Perhaps those Democratic ads in a GOP primary helped: the targeted candidate lost the primary. The primary winner, Randy Graf, turned off enough | Read More »

    Didn’t J. Christian Adams RESIGN HIS JOB over the New Black Panther controversey?

    If so could someone please tell Andrew Alexander, the WaPo’s ombundsman? If someone takes the major step of giving up their job, so that they can speak out on an issue, I’d think that gives that person at least some measure of credibility, don’t you think? So, shouldn’t you mention that when you’re raising questions about someone’s credibility. To the whole online world?

    Ammo For The Activist: Take Back the House, So We Can Investigate the Gulf Cleanup Failures

    Paul Rubin’s WSJ Op-Ed proposes some damning answers to one of the summer’s Biggest Questions: Why is the Gulf oil cleanup taking so long? As you’ll see, the reasons for the delay relate directly to Democratic Party policy and interest group preferences. And the people, wildlife, waters and fauna of the Gulf are paying the price. Someone should investigate. With the current Democratic administration and | Read More »

    THIS is objective reporting? MSM, is that what you think? Is that what you expect us to think?

    If so, you’re stupid stupid stupid. (Emphasis added) Palin headlines Va. rally alongside Allen, North Associated Press 06/27/10 10:05 AM EDT NORFOLK, VA. — Sarah Palin is speaking at a Norfolk rally for conservatives, with two heroes of Virginia’s Republican right serving as warm-up acts. The former John McCain running mate who bailed as Alaska’s governor to prosper politically and financially on the talk circuit | Read More »

    If Palin is warming up to Kathleen Parker, that move is a bit too cute for me

    Apparently, the Palins are now reaching out to Kathleen Parker. If they are…well, thanks for nothing, Sarah. Y’all remember Kathleen Parker? The conservative columnist who, in the middle of the 2008 Presidential campaign made a oh-so-noble-but-totally-implausible call for Sarah Palin to drop out of the race—again, right in the middle of it!—because she wasn’t qualified. Palin was supposed to say that she’d decided to spend | Read More »

    “Glee” just showed us how prescient John Nolte really is

    Nolte, the editor-in-chief of Breitbart’s Big Hollywood blog, is one of the harshest critics of Hollywood for its liberal bias.  One thing Nolte really dings Tinseltown for:  the cheap anti-conservative shots spread throughout TV and movie scripts. You’re sitting there, watching a movie, having a good time losing youself in the story line and enjoying the characters when BAM!  Some character makes a cheap, uncalled-for | Read More »