Did the Supreme Court’s Gay Marriage Ruling Just Destroy Colorado’s TABOR Law?

    Did the Supreme Court's Gay Marriage Ruling Just Destroy Colorado's TABOR Law?

    In its decision regarding the 2008 California ballot initiative that prohibited gay marriage, the Supreme Court ruled this morning that citizens who supported the initiative have no standing to defend it in federal court. Only government officials have that right, the Supreme Court ruled. Although the case initially appeared to be confined to gay marriage laws in the state of California, namely the “Proposition 8″ | Read More »

    Alan Abramowitz Does Not Like Rasmussen

    Alan Abramowitz does not like Scott Rasmussen. Who is Alan Abramowitz, you ask? I have no idea either, but according to Google he is a professor of political science at Emory University in Georgia.  Abramowitz published a piece at Huffington Post on Saturday that all but called Scott Rasmussen a partisan hack who has no clue what he’s doing. So what was Abramowitz’s proof?  He | Read More »

    A Friendly Reminder About Voter I.D.

    The Left would have you believe that voter I.D. is discriminatory. Racist. Oppressive. Why? Because, according to the Left, many minorities and low-income individuals simply lack the time or ability to obtain the I.D. they would need to vote. They can’t find transportation to the DMV.  The government I.D. offices are only open during working hours, when hourly wage workers are occupied with their own | Read More »

    Obama’s Bursting Bubble

    Pop quiz:  which of the below charts is for Obama’s 2012 election contract on Intrade, and which is for the 2001 Nasdaq bubble and subsequent burst?

    PANTS ON FIRE: PolitiFact Florida Skews Coverage Against GOP, in Favor of Democrats

    PolitiFact Florida ratings of the truthfulness of statements by politicians are heavily skewed against Republicans and toward Democrats according to an extensive Media Trackers analysis of 665 separate rulings issued by the Florida fact-checking group. Republican statements were eleven times more likely to end up on the group’s “Pants on Fire” list than those made by Democrats, with a total of 22 Republican claims showing | Read More »

    Media Trackers Uncovers Massive Ballot Irregularities in Montana

    From the diaries by Erick . . . In at least two counties in Montana, the home of a competitive U.S. Senate race that could tip the balance of power in the upper chamber, massive mail-in absentee ballot irregularities have been uncovered by Media Trackers Montana, a non-partisan investigative research organization with operations in five states across the country.  In Broadwater county alone, where Sen. | Read More »

    Shock National Journal Poll: Romney Staffers Think Romney Should be GOP Nominee

    Earlier today National Journal released its latest poll of the opinions of Beltway insiders.   According to the National Journal news story about the new poll, entitled “Insiders: GOP Would Be Better Off With Romney for 2012,” many GOP insiders think Romney is a much better candidate than Rick Perry.  What National Journal failed to inform its readers is that at least 30 of the 141 | Read More »

    Sen. Bennett Goes AWOL on Key NASA Nomination

    As the battle over earmarks heats up again in Congress, Sen. Robert F. Bennett (R-Utah) wants us to know his flag is firmly planted in the pro-earmarking camp. Like his colleague Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma, Sen. Bennett claims to have a far better understanding of his state’s needs than an “unelected bureaucrat” in Washington, D.C.

    Jim Inhofe’s Fiscal Folly

    Mere days after House Republicans finally put their fiscal house in order and enacted a year-long moratorium on earmarks, Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.) took to the airwaves to decry the irresponsible actions of…House Republicans.  One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, but in Sen. Inhofe’s world, one taxpayer’s dollar is another lawmaker’s party favor. “The inconvenient truth is that we do have a problem with | Read More »

    Nelson Caves; McConnell Strategy Fails

    It was never about abortion.  For Sen. Ben Nelson, a devout appropriator, it was all about the benjamins.  In exchange for a “compromise” that forces federal taxpayers to fund abortion, the supposedly pro-life senator from Nebraska will receive a permanent earmark to pay for all future Medicaid increases in his state.  In short, taxpayers across America are now on the hook for abortions in New | Read More »