In real life I'm a Linux and Windows system administrator, write for Heartland Institute, and talk a lot about voting. I'm also a Precinct Committeeman in Central Illinois and a 2012 Republican National Convention delegate.


    Donald Trump Is An Establishment Republican

    That Donald Trump is an establishment Republican should not even need to be stated. Trump’s fans believe he will turn Washington upside down — and that’s perhaps true if we’re talking about George Washington somersaulting in his grave. In reality Trump would do nothing to change DC, but would continue his life’s work of enriching himself and his friends.

    Congressman John Shimkus Spent $2500 At Gentleman’s Club

    Congressman John Shimkus Spent $2500 At Gentleman's Club

    According to multiple sources, Congressman John Shimkus (R-IL15) leads a double life: Christian family man in the district, drunken John in DC. A 20-year member, Congressman Shimkus got elected promising limit himself to two terms. That was a long time and a lot of DC night life ago. As Newsmax reported last May, Shimkus leads the pack of DC wolves when it comes to lavishly | Read More »

    Donald Trump Is Not A Capitalist

    Donald Trump Is Not A Capitalist

    Donald Trump is not a capitalist. Trump is a mercantilist. Mercs like Trump believe that the purpose of government is not to defend liberty. Mercs like Trump believe the purpose of government is to enrich mercs like Trump. Protectionism The biggest issue for mercs like Trump is trade protectionism. Mercs like Trump believe that governmental power is best used to hinder the operation of their | Read More »

    Breaking: Donald Trump Speaks Complete Sentence

    In a stunning campaign development, presidential candidate and real estate scam expert Donald Trump spoke a complete sentence during a speech leading up to the key Super Tuesday primaries. Sources said it isn’t clear whether Trump conceived the sentence, “Trump is a con man,” on his own or if it was given to him by spokesman Katrina Pierson. Customers of the former Trump University project | Read More »

    About That Targeted Cruz GOTV Mailer

    About That Targeted Cruz GOTV Mailer

    The Ted Cruz presidential campaign sent out a targeted mailer this week in Iowa informing voters of their public voting record, and controversially, that of their neighbors. The mailer was designed to increase voter turnout at the Iowa caucuses February 1. The story was first reported by Sarah Rumpf at IJ Review. The Cruz “You haven’t voted, and your neighbors will know” mailer is based | Read More »

    Donald Trump Is Just A Good Businessman

    Donald Trump has a long history of donating money to both Democrats and Republicans. He explains that this is simply good business: in today’s political economy, you have to grease the skids. So the question is: why did he stop?

    Obama Throws Sailors Under The Boat To Save Iran Deal

    After Iran took 10 sailors hostage, seized their communications equipment, and released them the next day, the US Navy blamed the sailors.

    Do We Want Bigots To Vote With Us?

    After Donald Trump joined the Republican presidential primary race, some of his supporters online began an openly bigoted and anti-Semitic campaign. It’s tempting to respond “If you’re a bigot, don’t vote for me.” Our response should instead be, “Vote for me … and stop being a bigot.”

    The Myth That Ted Cruz Believes A Myth

    Recently a myth has been developed around . In this telling, the likely Republican nominee is cast as believing that a few million evangelical voters refused to vote for Mitt Romney and stayed home, handing the 2012 election to Barack Obama. The truth is that evangelicals who voted before also mostly voted for Mitt Romney, and Cruz does not believe otherwise. Immediately after Mitt Romney’s timid loss | Read More »

    Another Day, Another Trump Gaffe

    Donald Trump delivered a gaffe-filled speech in Alabama on Saturday, exaggerating that crowds of Americans in New Jersey cheered the attacks of September 11, 2001. I was prepared to defend him, if he had merely misspoken, but given time for reflection he doubled down. “And I watched in Jersey City, N.J., where thousands and thousands of people were cheering as that building was coming down. | Read More »