We Have Awakened.

Americans went to sleep.

Most people are not into politics. They’re into the outdoors, their kids, television shows, home maintenance, movies, fishing, hunting, playing cards, collecting things, or any of the infinite variety of things by which people in a free society occupy themselves.

But some people, we’ll call them liberals, occupy themselves worrying. They worry about the planet. They worry about children not their own. They worry about food additives. They are bent out of shape with the idea of Internet Service Providers prioritizing web surfing over music downloads. They’re intent on giving people who can’t afford it a mortgage to pay. It is in their eyes essential to keep people from eating tasty animals.

In our schools and colleges, liberal professors have been telling receptive little minds that to be a good person is to care about all of that stuff. They’ve been building an alternate and false history of America, in which a group of wealth men, we’ll call them the bourgeois, have used their position to keep power and wealth for themselves, denying the people at the bottom, we’ll call them the proletariat, their “fair share”.

All of this worry, and the hatred and envy of people with money, leads to people motivated to extend their power with politics.

But with the bank bailouts, auto bailouts, and attempts to spend our way out of debt, the vast majority of Americans who believe that America is not a country divided on class lines have awakened. The dream of America, and its exceptional difference, is that here there is opportunity limited only by aptitude and willingness to work.

Your religion doesn’t matter. You skin color doesn’t matter. Your gender, politics, family background — none of that matters. Only your desire and ability matter.

We reject your divisions of us, liberals. We are far more numerous than you are. We are organizing, coming together, and discovering that most of the people we meet think like we do, not like you do.

We are there in the various Tea Party groups, leaderless, but not rudderless. We steer always toward the Constitutional principles this nation was founded upon.

And we are coming for you.

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