In real life I'm a Linux and Windows system administrator, write for Heartland Institute, and talk a lot about voting. I'm also a Precinct Committeeman in Central Illinois and a 2012 Republican National Convention delegate.


    A Day In The Life of a Conservative PC

    I don’t mean to say that this day is typical of my day as a conservative Precinct Committeeman, but they come like this sometimes. When I think about the end of the day, the beginning and middle seem like warm-up laps.

    Do Not Blame Newt Or Mitch

    Politicians have been trained for decades to internalize a strategy. It is the essence of the conventional wisdom: we have our voters, they have their voters, and to win we need to convince those in between. But that strategy is flawed, and its faults have been revealed by the rise of Barack Obama and laid bare by the Tea Parties. The political environment, at least | Read More »

    So There You Have It

    The decades of hand-wringing, lawfare, partisan and bipartisan moralizing over “torture”, and the ever-present drumbeat of criticism for the Bush administration, have all boiled down to this. Osama bin Laden is dead, killed by an American special forces assault team. As for all of that talk about terrorists having rights, even Constitutional rights, and attempts to apply our criminal law to the battlefield, it was | Read More »

    The Spending Code

    Barack Obama yesterday introduced us to the notion that the failure to collect taxes is actually government spending.  Tax cuts (or deferred increases) are just an alternate way for the government to spend money, because without the cuts it would otherwise get the added revenue. Actually the idea is as old as Caesar, but it was jarring to hear it so seamlessly encoded into the | Read More »

    Candidates Do Not Lie

    Despite the increase in sophistication and insight most of us have gained into politics since the 2000 election and especially with the rise of the tea parties, we’re going make one of two mistakes in 2012: Let the MSM pick our presidential candidate Prematurely jump for a shiny candidate who is most unlike Obama, as to avoid #1 Candidates present as little information as needed | Read More »

    You Do Not Mess With Their Pay

    Dear Mr. Obama: There are two basics you would have learned in even the lowest ranks of military leadership. Perhaps your generals have expressed this advice. When dealing with troops, you don’t mess their mail, and you don’t mess with their pay.

    Captain Disingenuous Strikes Again

    As the latest demonstration of his lack of economic depth, President Obama put forth a series of falsehoods in the form of a press conference on Friday. Both Jazz Shaw at Hot Air and he indispensible Jeff Dunetz pointed out the tsunami of falsehoods, so Go Read Those. But the president also used his typically bad logic to push his green agenda.

    Socrates no more.

    Five years ago this month I began posting on Redstate.  I think it was already then, although I may have come in on the tail of  Erick was just another user; talented, but no more than many others present.  He was still practicing law then, you see.  Everyone had these wicked cool usernames, like ‘Tacitus’, ‘Plato’ and ‘Nick Danger’. Since I loved the | Read More »


    A Tenth of a Half Measure

    The United States is in trouble.  Here is a plan to fix it.

    So Much Stupid in a Single Paragraph

    Looking for the President’s FY2012 budget, I noticed right away the inanity dripping from the first paragraph on the White House propaganda page for it: Having emerged from the worst recession in generations, the President has put forward a plan to rebuild our economy and win the future by out-innovating, out-educating, and out-building our global competitors and creating the jobs and industries of tomorrow. But | Read More »