In real life I'm a Linux and Windows system administrator, write for Heartland Institute, and talk a lot about voting. I'm also a Precinct Committeeman in Central Illinois and a 2012 Republican National Convention delegate.



    Illinois today became the 50th state to allow concealed carry of firearms. Lawmakers have overridden the line-item vetoes of hapless Governor Pat Quinn (D-Chicago).

    Shared Secrets

    Lovers of freedom know that a limited government is the only way to achieve it. Limiting our government in the modern age means also limiting how it uses our personal data. If you want to keep a secret, don’t tell anyone. The only way to be sure data is not used improperly is not to allow them to collect it.

    Arizona PCs Rally Against Obrewercare June 22, 10am

    Conservative Precinct Committeemen in Arizona are kicking off a campaign to repeal Governor Brewer’s Medicaid expansion with a petition signing party today at 10 AM in Phoenix.

    Is the HHS Director Illegally Campaigning … Again?

    Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius has run afoul of the law again, urging companies whose future she controls to donate to do work her agency lacks the funds to do. Congress has asked the Government Accountability Office to investigate. Secretary Sebelius has been shaking down the industry she controls, raising funds for Enroll America, an alliance of community organizers and health sector businesses. This is not | Read More »

    Keynesian Economics: Still Failing After All These Years

    I wrote this a couple of weeks ago, but didn’t post it here until I noticed that Michael Tanner of The Cato Institute agreed. Keynesianism is still not working.

    End the Obamacare Slush Fund

    As Dean Clancy wrote last week at FreedomWorks, the House today will take up the Helping Sick Americans Now Act (H.R.1549). The bill cuts a slush fund and uses the money to subsidize insurance for the sickest Americans. Congress should pass it. Contrary to various claims, this bill neither cripples Obamacare implementation nor fixes Obamacare. It merely forces the Obamacare train wreck to get by on its | Read More »

    Not This

    The Senate immigration bill proposed by the so-called Gang of 8 claims to enforce border security and reform immigration. But in the end it is just an amnesty plan that adds another layer of difficulty to the process of legal immigration. The United States needs real immigration reform, and Republicans need to show they’re on the side of immigrants. Something has to be done. Not | Read More »

    Boston Massacre Conspiracy Theorists at Salon

    Guilt peddler and emotional trainwreck David Sirota took to the pages of Salon on Tuesday to write about the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing through the lens of “white male privilege,” the only such device he is apparently able to wield. His is an outlook born of conspiracy theory, the fantasy of class collusion and secret alliances. So it is unsurprising that most people | Read More »

    Arkansas Statists Fail to Expand Obamacare

    Conservatives in the Arkansas legislature held firm against funding what the statists in Arkansas are calling a “private option” for Medicaid expansion under Obamacare. It’s really just a different way to expand socialized medicine. The legislature should not fund this boondoggle. Arkansas has a Democrat governor and Republican legislature. Arkansas DHS spokesperson Amy Weber told me Friday, “It really lies in the hands of our | Read More »

    Polygamy Equality

    With Republicans and libertarians rushing headlong to fundamentally transform America’s marriage laws, I thought I’d make an observation. If marriage is no longer defined as one man and one woman, there is no chance that it will not include more than one of each, nor extend to marrying children. That’s because in reality it already does.