In real life I'm a Linux and Windows system administrator, write for Heartland Institute and FreedomWorks, and talk a lot about voting. I'm also a Precinct Committeeman in Central Illinois and a 2012 Republican National Convention delegate.


    Everyone Knows Something That Isn’t True

    I don’t know when I learned that everyone has false beliefs. But I see it all the time, both in myself and in others. I’d hate to have my fate decided by some fact I got wrong. Wouldn’t you?

    Do Straw Men Have Free Speech?

    President Barack Obama took to the UN podium on Tuesday and lied, blaming an American’s exercise of free speech for the death of Obama’s own Ambassador. He also stood before that august body of Islamists, antisemites, tyrants, socialists, and corrupt panderers and told America’s sworn enemies that the future is theirs. In continuing to blame the video and attack it, Obama is using his usual straw man tactics. | Read More »

    Chicago Organizers and the Reelection Machine

    Chicago Teachers Union got the strike desired by a core group of activists, but the strike is not about the issues on the table. The strike is about who is in charge: union bosses, or the taxpayers.

    Who is Karen Lewis?

    Karen Lewis is head of the powerful Chicago Teachers Union, currently striking against the Chicago Public School system.  The strike is actually a power play for Lewis, who wants both to control how teachers are evaluated in Chicago and to extend her power in union circles — and probably in political circles, as well.

    The Hope and the Change

    From “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for” through the euphoria of voters convinced they were electing the Messiah, Stephen Bannon’s The Hope and the Change takes us on a retrospective of the Obama presidency: The film shows the country’s early hope in the new president, then the quick realization that America had been conned. America was promised “Hope and Change”, but realize that | Read More »

    Blackwell: That’s No Compromise. *This* is a Compromise.

    Morton Blackwell, founder of The Leadership Institute and longtime conservative activist, responds to the RNC rules compromise. His letter to delegates appears below.


    RNC Rules Changes Misquided and Harmful

    [Santorum update below, 1pm EDT 8/27] [Second update  5:30pm EDT 8/27]: I made a mistake: I understood Ron Zahm to say Rick Santorum was in favor of the rules change, but Santorum has not made any indication one way or the other, and Zahm did not say he did. The error is 100% mine. ——————— I’m a delegate to the 2012 Republican National Convention. It | Read More »

    Republicans Oppose Obamacare and the War on Women

    A Republican National Convention delegate has fought back against the ongoing “War on Women” mantra of the Left by inserting into her party’s platform language highlighting the absurdity of the entire idea. The platform also includes most of FreedomWorks activists’ main agenda. Sharee Langenstein of Illinois authored the amendment to the party’s platform: “Through Obamacare, the Obama Administration has promoted the notion of abortion as healthcare. We, | Read More »

    I Should Not Have Had to Go to Texas

    I first heard Ted Cruz speak in Atlanta at the first RedState Gathering. As much as Marco Rubio or Nikki Haley, Cruz was impressive even then. I casually monitored his campaign for Attorney General and then Senator, marveling at his consistent ability to defend and articulate conservative ideas. America needs Mr. Cruz in the Senate, and the only question for me was how much of | Read More »

    Put On Your Big Boy Pants, Governor Quinn

    The thin-skinned bully Illinois Governor Pat Quinn (D-Obamaville) could not take being bested on friendly turf with friendly questioners and a friendly host. As a result, Quinn reportedly told his staff to remove his debate opponent, Rep. Aaron Schock (R-Peoria, IL-18) from a Special Olympics luncheon and from a transportation planning conference to be held in the fall.