Political activist and sailor


    My new political persuasion

    (EDITOR’S NOTE) Mr. Solus has been banned for repeated violations of the posting rule regarding promotion of 3rd parties. This is the second one of the night. Lets just knock off the 3rd party talk, shall we, folks?)   I’m 61 years old and an Independent voter meaning I would vote for the better of either a Democratic or Republican candidate. Sadly my vote has | Read More »

    What Are We Doing? [Redacted]

    I understand we want to back candidates of conservative principles and advocating limited government […and as long as they’re Republicans, you’re welcome to do it here at RedState. – Mgmt.] no matter their party affiliation. As it stands now, most people appear to think we are largely behind the GOP and this is a mistake for us. They fooled us in 94 and as we | Read More »