Cruz-Trump kerfuffle reminds me of a story.

    I can’t help but notice that Trump, after months and months of handling the media and rising above every “error” suddenly steps in it and it is all anyone can talk about. Two weeks before Christmas, with people busy shopping Trump blows it big time and all anyone can talk about is Trump’s big mistake. Everyone. Every single commentator, newspaper and blog is fixated on | Read More »

    Proof of concept: They are all afraid of Obama.

    It was a bad idea for Boehner to “resign” in the way he did. He wanted to damage the Republicans. Otherwise he could have handled it differently. But for people like Boehner it is all about their personal power. He could have just as easily called for a vote of confidence and accepted the results. Better process. But then that is the other problem with | Read More »

    Looking for answers in HillaryGate?

    Hillary set up an illegal server. She claims never to have read any classified materials. What did she do all those years? Lounge on the beach. Even if she didn’t read anything, and quite honestly I can believe it, she still set up a honey pot server and the world had access to America’s top secrets. Who knows what else they gained from this info. | Read More »

    Governor Bush’s diary “lets not rock the boat”

    I am glad to see that Governor Bush’s staff posted a statement here. He made his case for reigning in spending and holding bureaucrats accountable. But I have some concerns. He sounds like someone OK with big government, someone who thinks we should tweak it, but not break it. I don’t see anything about repealing ObamaCare, protecting citizens from the damaged caused by unrestrained immigration, | Read More »

    Stupid party leaders, pick up your Trump card

    I don’t know anyone that actually thinks Donald Trump would make a good candidate. Explanation. We are pissed at you. and , please step down. Donald Trump has offended just about everyone it would seem. Except the people who answer the poll questions. Explanation: The echo chamber caused by the Beltway around Washington is confusing you. Nobody likes the Republican party leadership. But you hear | Read More »

    Cause and effect. Why we need a constitutional convention

    Headline today on the drudge report FEMA toys with denying disaster funds for states that doubt global warming… Headline in the Washington Times article that links to is FEMA targets climate change skeptic governors, could withhold funding New rules put Rick Scott, Bobby Jindal, Chris Christie, Pat McCrory, Greg Abbott in bind The typical reaction is that we need more government intervention to protect us | Read More »

    Stop complaining and do something to fix the constitution**

    Leadership, it is a topic filling this site as never before. Lack of leadership or disappointment in leadership dominates the conservative/republican oriented web sites across the web. We are obsessed with just how bad our leadership is behaving, and how little they give us in return for our support. We call Boehner and McConnell names and they still ignore us. But would good is calling | Read More »

    Is Susan Rice a holocaust denier?

    I viewed the talking points memo by Fox new’s Bill O’Reilly “is President Obama destroying his own legacy?” and was struck by the absurdity of the Obama Administration’s position on the middle east. In a speech that took place at the Brooking’s Institute, National Security Adviser Susan Rice stated While the dangers we face may be more numerous and varied they are not of the existential | Read More »

    Strike while the iron is hot! Administration concerned about ObamaCare tax implication.

    In an article in the New York Times titled “White House seeks to Limit Health Law’s Tax Troubles” Obama administration officials and other supporters of the Affordable Care Act say they worry that the tax-filing season will generate new anger as uninsured consumers learn that they must pay tax penalties and as many people struggle with complex forms needed to justify tax credits they received in | Read More »

    “People need to make smart decisions” mayor tells imprisoned New Yorkers

    Snow storms, real not imagined by the media,  have sunk more than one big city mayor. We may be watching the failure of socialist oppression in New York as May De Blasio tells people to stay indoors. In his infinite progressive wisdom, he processed the information from experts and announced that according to the experts this will most likely be one of the largest blizzards in the | Read More »

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