Romney-hood, ya got to love it.

So President Obama thinks Romney-hood is a winning strategy, a winning phrase. Well I hope this does become a campaign trail staple because I like it. I see two possible ways to make this work for Romney. He needs to push both.

First is that most people, young people especially do not associate the term hood with a bird. It is the term for where you live, where you came from, where your heart remains. Neighborhood, not Robin hood. And that association gives Romney all the advantages.

Lets compare Romney Hood to south side Chicago, Obama’s hood. After all these years that south side Chicago hood that Obama has been championing is still harshland. With gangs, drugs, racial tensions if not flat out animosity between Latin and Black ethnic groups. Yes sir, lets really get into the kind of place a decade or two of Obama effort can create, because I think overall most people don’t live in that neighborhood and don’t want to move there. They sure don’t need Obama’s effort to turn middle America into a turf war between neighbors in a struggle for survival with the only hope for the future being some government largess. I think the Romney camp can and should do something with this.

Or perhaps you do think Robin Hood when you hear Romney-hood. Ok, so what we have is the President calling Romney a wealthy landholder turned warrior for justice that takes from a corrupt government, and gives to the poor who are being oppressed and abused by that government until the rightful honest and true government can be returned. A manor lord who fights for the oppressed against a false government and a corrupt sheriff.

Somebody explain to me why you can’t make a mockery of Obama using that story line?




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