General Petraeus pick carries important meaning

I would  not know if General Petraeus is seriously being considered, but that would not change the meaning of his selection. All the candidates being considered are fine American politicians with various strengths and appeal. In a period of relative peace and prosperity any one of them would be adequate and each carries a unique message to the Republican base, independent voters, and disillusioned Democrats.

But these are not normal times. However important domestic policy is, the elephant in the room is the naive mishandling of foreign policy by President Obama. Right now the Obama administration is supporting the opposition to Assad in Syria just like we opposed the opposition to Russia in Afghanistan. Arming Afghan rebels in the 1980′s proved to be foolish, and led directly to the death of thousands on September 11th, 2001. The rebels the Obama administration is so enthralled with in Syria includes all the same players, including elements of Al Qaeda.  Of course while our naive and ignorant president hasn’t learned anything from history the Al Qaeda members have, so they lay low, and don’t brag about it. They want those weapons. This so called Arab spring is the greatest upheaval in the Arab Imperialist world since the fall of the Ottoman Empire.  Arab Imperialism is set to attempt the expansion and subjugation that fell just out of reach 100 years ago. The world is on fire and Obama is feeding fuel to it, while turning his back on the consequences.

Which brings me to the selection of General Pretraeus. Head of the CIA, a four star general who served as commander the US forces in Afghanistan,  Comamander US Central Command, and Commanding General of the Multi-national Force Iraq. This is a guy that knows the neighborhood.

Picking General Petraeus isn’t about sending a message to the Republican base, or gathering independent votes, or even appealing to disillusioned Democrats. Picking General Petraeus sends a signal to the world that Romney is serious about his responsibility as leader of the free world.

During the next four years the Arabs must make the most of the gains American politicians have foolishly provided. Iran will never have a better  opportunity to dominate Arab Imperialist policy and Arab imperialists in general may never face a weaker and more divided Western civilization. Thanks to the destructive behavior of Obama, and the naive foolishness of liberals and progressives and their masses of useful idiots.

Picking General Petraeus makes Romney an immediate big player on the world stage. No bowing and groveling required. Like Ronald Reagan, who also faced an overly zealous Iran, and also picked a head of the CIA as Vice President to send a message that Iran understood immediately.  Picking General Petraeus tells me that Romney is thinking about being the ruler of the free world. Not about oppressing the American people with a fundamentally changed country. He knows where the problems are, where he needs to shore up his administration and General Petraeus is a powerful force in that arena.

But like I said, I don’t know if he will be selected. I know that Obama claims it. And that tells me something else. Obama is playing for support in the world from people who should be very afraid of strong American president with General Petraeus as his second in command.

So either Obama has given up on extorting money from Americans (by threatening Americans with their worst fears if they don’t support him) and is now trying to make up the donations difference from rich Arab nations. Or he wants these Arabs to attack us now so we will be loath to switch horses in mid stream of a new war.



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