Now that the ticket is settled.

Sorry, just not that thrilled with Ryan. But in the spirit of defeating Obama I will refrain from attacks on Romney Ryan, after all Obama will be doing that until the election is over. Maybe longer. Rather, I want to focus on things that will matter.

Start with spending

No matter what a budget says, the only spending a congressional session controls is that spending it does while it is in sessions. The only savings that count from the 112th Congress is that which happen during before the 113 th Congress is sworn in. So in short the 112th spent more than just about any Congress in history. And this with a Republican majority in the house. The house could have refused to spend money, and the damage for that would be on the Presidents head.  But the leaders were foolishly lead to believe that Obama would make a killing if they stood up and fought. Even though he stands up to everyone, like an out of control bully. So lesson 1. Spending you promise not to do some time in another Congressional session doesn’t count as savings. The only savings that count is the money you don’t spend on your watch.

Regulations and the economy.

By now everyone realizes that ecological politics is all about graft, corruption and money. The scandal of Washington’s carbon initiatives are that it was nothing more that a big fat cash funnel for corporate fat cat supporters of Obama. Obama has implemented more catastrophic regulations then any congress would approve, and he did it by dictating to the czars in his politboro. The solution is not simply to remove the regulations, but to eliminate the departments, the cabinet posts, and all the trappings. Reality is if you get rid of the staff and budgets but not the regulations things will improve. If you get rid of the regulations but not the staffs and budgets things will simply continue on in a different way, until someone comes along to restore the regulations. Cut staff, eliminate departments, viciously punish those that overstepped congressional authority, and insist on simple clear cut laws that can’t be manipulated. Washington has been a boom town for the last four years, that has to end. Leave nothing for the  next Democrat to corrupt. We will all be better off.

The one thing that no one wants to discuss. 

The world is imploding. Russia and China are taking up arms and taking sides, both are looking to expand their influence. Certainly to be expected after President Obama did so much to eliminate our influence. But for all you libertarians out there, the world has never been a peaceful place and now more then ever that matters. The changes in the Arab world are evidence of a resurgent imperialist expansion. The horrors that were twentieth century wars were the direct result of Islamic Imperialist aspirations. All of the dampers have been removed, and foolishly, the Obama administrations is arming and supporting the newest generation of Al Qaeda. We supported the local insurgents in Afghanistan when the Russians were there, and among them was Bin Laden. The next bin Laden is currently in Egypt, Libya or Syria. Who ever is president needs to be prepared to go to war to defend our country before the inauguration is over. Because it is highly likely war will break out before domestic issues are tackled. That is, unless America can fill the void that the Obama administration has been creating. Reagan did it, can Romney?

Border security

A few American soldiers working with local Kurdish rebels defeated Iraq’s army in the Kurdish regions. It doesn’t take a lot of successful warriors to turn gangs and illegal aliens into a combat force. What are we going to do, send in the 4th Infantry tanks to level our own cities. We are in serious danger of experiencing an insurgency from within. At a time when the world is imploding, it is foolish to risk our security for what amounts to a feel good concept. If you want foreign workers, that’s fine, give them the tools they need to be successful but that doesn’t make them citizens. And so they should pay for that right to work. But don’t grant amnesty, and close the borders


If you want to motivate independents and tea party people you may want to build some platform policies around these ideas


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