Romney/Ryan – More Commanding and Chiefing, Less Chipping and Putting

Did the President have time enough for golf this week I wonder. Even before it was public knowledge that he was a truant who failed to show up at most of the security briefings his focus on his golf game, rather than the Persian Gulf was a disgusting abandonment of his most obvious duty.  And no liberal can defend him with the worn out “he deserves a vacation  or deserves some relaxation lines”. Let me tell you Ambassador Stevens deserved to live. He can take time off after he does everything possible to protect Americans. The fact is, this is only a temp job, guaranteed for just four years after which he has the best retirement package in the world. There will be plenty of time for golf later, today it is time to focus exclusively on his job.  Protecting the Americans working for Obama’s administration is simply the first responsibility of any President. That means attending every meeting, planning for every contingency, being on duty all the time every day. Until it’s time to hand the responsibility off to someone else.

Romney/Ryan  -  more attending and leading, less excusing and escaping.

Somewhere along the line you would have thought that President Obama would have had some sense of responsibility rub off on him. Clearly it has not. the campaigner in chief has a busy schedule. He is busy cavorting with Rich Hollywood elites, Rich bankers (like the grandmother that raised him), Rich business man, rich people that can afford to spend $10,000.00, $20,000.00 even $40,000.00 for some rubbery chicken and limp salad that passes for “dinner” and the chance to cajole the President. Not that these rich people think they are buying anything for that investment. No sir, nothing is expected in return for tens of thousands of dollars. Heaven forbid that Obama might have to cancel a rubber chicken dinner with the richest of the richest “one percenters”  such as Hollywood performers or sports  athletes to focus on his job protecting the people that work for him. Romney/Ryan, more presiding and attending, less campaigning and cavorting.

Anyone old enough to remember the Iranian revolution knew that the “Arab spring” was leading down the same road that the Ayatollahs blazed and not towards any democracy. There is blood on this President’s hands. He is stone deaf to reality, thousands upon thousands are dead because of his decisions or lack of decision. Whether to support a revolution in Libya, or not to support a revolution in Iran the blood of the innocents who were sacrificed by the rising Islamic Imperialists are the result of Obama’s decision or indecision. Now there is American blood on his hands as well, since no one else can be blamed for the death of the state department officials in Libya, for the marines that died more or less unarmed trying to protect them and for the hundreds or thousands who will be executed because we failed to secure our embassy. America is hated more now than at anytime since Iran held our embassy personnel hostages and all the bowing in the world won’t change that fact.  The big difference between Carter and Obama? Carter at least was busy wringing his hands over his inability to do anything, Obama is too busy campaigning and cavorting even for that.

Romney/Ryan: Because the President should not be fiddling with Beyoncé while American Embassies burn.


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