General Petraeus pick carries important meaning

    I would  not know if General Petraeus is seriously being considered, but that would not change the meaning of his selection. All the candidates being considered are fine American politicians with various strengths and appeal. In a period of relative peace and prosperity any one of them would be adequate and each carries a unique message to the Republican base, independent voters, and disillusioned Democrats. | Read More »

    Romney-hood, ya got to love it.

    So President Obama thinks Romney-hood is a winning strategy, a winning phrase. Well I hope this does become a campaign trail staple because I like it. I see two possible ways to make this work for Romney. He needs to push both. First is that most people, young people especially do not associate the term hood with a bird. It is the term for where | Read More »

    Get the story straight.

    Don’t come bragging to me about voting to repeal ObamaCare. My mailbox is already full of solicitations for donations by people who want me to help defeat the Republicans cap on my medical spending, forcing me into penury and suicide because Obama Care lifted the cap that greedy insurance companies placed on my life time benefits. And don’t come asking for money because you are | Read More »

    Putting the cart before the horse, why a third party may evolve.

    From the diaries by Erick. Well done piece! For those of you that never actually had close contact with equines the term means that if you have something to pull with, you can get something to pull. The horse provides the energy, not the cart, and first you need a source of energy. Erick Erickson takes a brave stand given the clear intent of this | Read More »

    Mitch McConnell, slave to his own lust for power

    Sorry folks, but when I read this I realized why so many of you expected John Roberts to do what the Imperialist Washington elite will not do, because they are addicted to their lust for power. From AP Minority leader: Odds long to undo health care law … U.S. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell says the odds are against repealing the health care law championed | Read More »

    I like this SCOTUS decision….John Boehner, Mitt Romney, Michell Bachmann pay attention

    First, the decision is not what I expected. But the decision has been made. For most people, especially liberals they can at least expect a mild change in the conversation over the next forty years as Roe vs Wade takes a back seat to ObamaCare debacle as the topic that makes conservatives turn boorish. No, I don’t like ObamaCare. I intend to vote in the | Read More »

    So, when can I buy insurance instead of paying Social Security tax

    Rambling thoughts on the SCOTUS decision regarding Obama Care. I understand the decision in the Obama Care case and of course like most I am disappointed.  Chief Justice Roberts in what is appearing to look like a last minute decision switched his vote to support the bill based on the fact that the government successfully argued that the mandate was simply a tax, that could | Read More »

    Arizona, nothing changed, it’s in your lap.

    I want to discuss how the Arizona ruling actually enhances states power over illegal immigrants. But first a little background. One of the nations worst organized crime leaders, responsible for many despicable acts never paid for these crimes. But he still died in jail. They took down Al Capone on tax evasion charges. The ruling from the supreme court basically says, you can’t demand that | Read More »

    Overturn or repeal and replace? With What?

    I believe the Republicans in Congress should begin a new affordable health care program, with one simple bill. Here is my rough draft. True affordable health care act   Article I Elimination of excess premiums caused by ObamaCare. That portion of health care premiums charged to implement ObamaCare (aka the affordable health care act) shall be  reduced by that portion of increase required to implement | Read More »

    Government workers unions are not private trade unions

    Lets not confuse the issue. The problem is not trade unions. Yes, some trade unions make your electricity more expensive and your construction more costly. But these private sector unions must compete against other non-union companies. And even where there are no non-union companies they can only thrive if business thrives. But government sector unions are entirely another animal. Where private sector unions must compete | Read More »