What is marriage? Gov Christie vetoes “same sex marriage bill”.

    Good for Gov. Christie. There remains hope that there is a place in the Republican party for people of principle. Maybe not in Washington, but that is another discussion. I want to discuss what marriage is and how we can protect it. I want to approach this from a different point of view. One that doesn’t rely on religious belief. One that is based purely | Read More »

    Victory lap psychosis

    Presidents Obama’s declaration to the end of the war in Iraq carries some interesting baggage. First, he decided we were not in a war, so claiming victory and an end to the hostilities seems at best hypocritical. Second, there is the small problem about defeating the enemy. Of course, Barrack Hussein Obama doesn’t believe that imperialist Islamists are an enemy or at least he seems | Read More »

    Where are the town halls?

    I got a bone to pick with anyone that is in Congress right now.  Every time Boehner makes a deal, we get nothing, Obama gets 99.2% of what he wanted and we spend more money. There is no evidence that any conservative running for office would actually change the RATE OF SPENDING. And the reason is simple, it will send the country into a tail | Read More »

    Republicrats – there is no difference that matters

    OK Debt deal is done, truth is there never was a crisis. All a bunch of made up hysterics so people wouldn’t notice the democrats and the republicrats just passed a huge spending bill, authorized large tax increases and created a commission behind which they can hide when they increase spending and increase taxes again. It is all about spending in Washington, both sides want | Read More »

    JB’s GOP principles not America’s principles

    Clearly, John Boehner’s GOP doesn’t live up to America’s principles. WASHINGTON (AP) — House Speaker John Boehner says the pact he’s reached with President Barack Obama and other leaders of Congress on lifting the debt limit and taming the budget “isn’t the greatest deal” but lives up to the GOP’s principles on taxes and spending.  – From an  Associated Press article written by Andrew Taylor.   I | Read More »

    Not a ounce of difference: Republicrats.

    We do not have a debt crises, we have a spending crises. It starts in Washington, which for those of you that haven’t visited recently is in a construction boom. No unemployment in Washington DC. You don’t get to a balance budget by “making a deal” you don’t get to a balanced budget by passing Boehner’s legistlation, you don’t get to a balanced budget by | Read More »

    Winning the spending crisis spin

    Note, the country doesn’t have a debt ceiling crisis, we have a spending crisis. The fact that the majority whip in the house is talking up the boehner plan as the only way to solve the debt crisis tells you he is not much different then a democrat. Sure he might want to spend trillions on just say no, as opposed to the democrats wanting | Read More »

    Hold the line!

    There are good reasons for holding the line. 1. We have to cut spending, and we need to cut it now. Not ten years from now. A promise from Washington to do something in ten years is a lie. A balanced budget amendment is being sold with the same rhetoric that the borrowing limit was sold. To force Congress to be responsible. The spending cap | Read More »

    Henry Clay, Stephen Douglas would have understood McConnell

    Henry Clay and Stephen Douglas crafted and sponsored what became known as the Missouri compromise. It was greeted with relief, if dissatisfaction by both sides because it reduced sectional conflict for four years. Note, it did not in the end prevent war between the states. Comprimising on principles never works. Perhaps Mitch McConnell is only looking for one more election. What Obama is doing is | Read More »

    Rule (9): The threat is worse then the thing itself.

    This is a fundamental underpinning to successful organizing. The limit to any attack is stop short before people realize that the threat was bogus. Obama understands this. That is why he is panicking. His threat to default on the interest, social security and on military pay is only a threat, one that he probably won’t survive. And now that the time to make good on | Read More »