Take away from Wisconsin, bad news for John Boehner

    While the Republicans are beating there breast and patting themselves on the back because Scott Walker won the recall, the truth is that this is not good news for the Republican chances in November. It took a coalition of Republicans, Tea Party activists, independents and even some traditionally Democrat demographics to win this battle. Was it because of the ground game? Or maybe because of | Read More »

    What did Bain do? Come on Oblivious Obama, lets dance…

    Give me your best shot,  tell me why Bain where Romney worked is an evil corporate raider that sacrificed jobs for profit. Because you got Boxwood blood on your hands. That’s right, you heard me General Motors Boxwood Road plant in New Castle county Delaware. The most populous county in Joe Biden’s home state lost it’s biggest employer. The closure of that plant was personally | Read More »

    Can Romney win? A question by Hugh Hewett

    Can Romney win? And not just win or loose but by how much. So the choices are win big or narrow, loose big or narrow. Talk radio’s Hugh Hewett posed that question today, and try as I might I was unable to respond but it got me to thinking. Hugh being a lawyer he immediately challenged  the first caller, after the caller was on the | Read More »

    Extortionist in Chief Obama… or another take on evolving positions

    Think about this. The Obama administration decides to impose regulations on coal and reduce it’s use. What do you think happens? – Coal producers increase lobbying Washington to overturn, or block the regulations. People give money to Obama and the democrats – Global Warming alarmists increase lobbying Washington to impose more restrictions, or more aggressively enforce the current restrictions. People give money to Obama and | Read More »

    Well this proves Obama isn’t Muslim

    I am not sure how this is going contribute his “hitting the reset button” with foreign countries but I do hope he bows before another Muslim king or Monarch.  It will be interesting to see if the guards take off his head, since after all there is no penalty in Sharia for executing an abomination insulting to Islam. Lets be realistic. There is no such | Read More »

    Dictating from the oval office, Barack Obama violates oath of office.

    By the time you read this you should have seen that POTUS is once again acting against American’s duly elected Congressional representatives and has lifted a ban on an aide package of $192 million for the Palestinian Authority. No President has the authority to spend money that Congress specifically freezes. The experience of President Gerald Ford, denied funds by Congress needed to enforce the terms | Read More »

    End zone antics – Someone tell this guy to look at the score board!

    Is it just me or does President Obama remind you of Terrell Owens. No disrespect meant to Terrell who at least was good at his job. Here we go again. The Obama administration wants to “spike the ball” one more time over their only score since the 2008 election at a time when the opposing team is leading by at least 28 points. And threatening | Read More »

    Earth day observations from someone that was there on day one.

    I keep reading stupid commentary from people who are too young to have any clue what the first earth day was about. Born and raised in Philadelphia I was a Senior in High School in 1970. It was a beautiful spring, and April 23 was a beautiful day. Philadelphia was trotting out ideas and celebrations for the up coming bicentennial celebration so “Olde City” was | Read More »

    Romney off the record?

    In an article by NBC’s Garrett Haake in FirstRead on MSNBC about off the record commentsmade by Mitt Romney an interesting picture is painted of the candidate.  While there doesn’t appear to be any way to verify this, and I wouldn’t trust anything from MSNBC I think there are some points here worth mentioning. Just in case the Romney campaign is seriously considering them. “I’m | Read More »

    100 Years later, we still grapple with the aftermath of the Titanic

    The largest man made moving object on earth. The peak of technology, luxury and opulence. The Titanic said a lot about the future, a future being defined by great advances of the industrial era. The shocking disaster had a significant and lasting impact on society.  Not unlike the way the Challenger disaster shook confidence in NASA and began the end our faith in the hope | Read More »