Is it time to push the reset button on 100 years of progressive government corruption?

    I know that Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State pushed the reset button on our foreign policy only to see everything go to Hades.  That didn’t work out so well. The world war is growing, much of the west is being conquered by various elements of the Islamic Empire, and the true religious nature of the World War is becoming obvious. The Islamic Imperialist forces that were | Read More »

    Boehner, your omnibus spending bill is a crime against conservatives.

    Speaker Boehner, Please don’t be upset because we think you are a squish and are no conservative. Things change, well some things change anyway. We couldn’t change Obama Republican control of Congress. But when it comes to being a conservative, no one, and I mean no one that voted for the omnibus spending bill in December is a conservative. Any leader involved in bringing this | Read More »

    Micro Education centers. A pillar for the urban agenda.

    I understand that there is an election next week. It is too late for conservatives, federalists, tea party patriots, or radical Republicans to develop and benefit from an as of yet undefined urban agenda. But one of the problems with conservatives, and Republicans in general is that outside a few political junkies the will go away for the next two years, expecting that in a couple months | Read More »

    I have civil rights too. I support mandatory quarantine.

    It was reported that Kaci Hickox a nurse on assignment with Doctors without borders was placed in quarantine, even though she did not exhibit symptoms. From the coverage she is not too happy about that. Great! Way to go Christie. This is the first intelligent and most effective government action taken to quell the “hysteria” towards people exposed to Ebola entering this country. Of course one person’s hysteria | Read More »

    Obama needs 34 million work permits for what?

    Katie Pavlich of Townhall reports that Obama Plans Executive Action By Giving 34 Million Work Visas to Illegal Immigrants Lets look at what this means Writing under bragging rights in the daily beast daily beast, Michael Tomasky calculates that the economy has created created between 3.7 and 4.5 million jobs during the term of the Obama administration. (He leaves out the 800000 jobs lost January | Read More »

    Purchase of insurance across state lines is stupidity, not reform.

    It sounds so great. Everybody loves it. You can purchase insurance from any provider anywhere. Why does it have to be another state, why not Barbados or China? As someone who was licensed initially as a personal lines agent when Ralph Nader turned the insurance world on it’s head, let me explain why this idea is stupid. Who regulates insurance companies? States. If you buy | Read More »

    The dangers of bureaucratic neglect are built into the system

    I carefully read Jack’s front page post and this line jumped out at me. The only way this disease could be a major problem for a significant portion of the US population would be for a lot of people in charge to make some very poor decisions I provided end user support to the the health care industry until just recently. We can get into | Read More »

    It’s BACK! Obama Republicans try Dem’s “dirty tricks” to pass this unwanted legislation

    From what I can see, the leadership of the Obama Republicans have been conferring with their two most important alies, Nancy Pelosi and Barrack Obama. This is a dirty trick right out of Pelosi’s hand bag. BrightBart BigGoverment website is reporting: AUGUST RECESS DELAYED AS BOEHNER TRIES TO RESUSCITATE DYING BORDER BILL The report leads off with an angry quote from what I suspect will be | Read More »

    Solution to a crisis manufactured by the Chicago Mob in Washington.

    Anyone that listens to talk radio knows that conservatives have big hearts, and are willing to open their pocket book for the worlds children. We support missions to feed the children across the globe. So of course the Chicago tyranny wants to use that against us. As Nancy Pelosi has declared, this is not a crisis it is an “opportunity to care for the worlds | Read More »

    Don’t get angry, get even.

    Hope or despair. We have a choice in November, but we do not have a plan. What we are missing is a focus. As Erick pointed out we do not have to win every election. The Obama Republicans do. So here is my plan. Analysis We do not “punish the party” by not showing up to vote. That feeds into the Obama Republicans success. Surrendering | Read More »

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