Thoughts on illegal immigration issues

    Add some incentive for cooperation from foreign governments. I read somewhere recently that ICE has to release captured foreign nationals when the nation they came from does not take them back. How about we give those nations some incentive. Lets beginning charging them for the cost. Start by setting aside a significant sum of money, seized from their assets in this country or from foreign | Read More »

    The war on Islamic Imperialists

    As you look around the web today, you will see that the Taliban, or Al-Qaeda or some associated group is engaged in war. All around the world. World War. Not so much unlike theworld 100 years ago. Many of the same players too. China and Russia taking advantage of the opportunity to do what their predecessors tried in the past. But at the core there | Read More »

    Help me here, we lost a major battle in defense of marriage but the war is not over

    There is little value in fighting to hold on to the idea that marriage is between one man and one woman. We have allowed the Democrats to change the meaning of the word. But the fact that the relationship between one man and one woman, in a life time commitment to each other and their offspring is unique, and far different from marriage as defined | Read More »

    The only logical explanation for the exchange

    Ok, I see all the spin about how Hillary Clinton would not have done this deal. Was given the chance and refused. But John Kerry did the deal. John Kerry of the ant-war 197o’s fame. John Kerry never understood that his actions did not endear him to many Americans, outside the little bubble of friends of his that included Hanoi Jane and people like Bill | Read More »

    Can I support McConnell or do we want real change?

    Erick has proposed that we submit to the power that the Republican establishment has demonstrated in using their special interest money to defeat fellow Republicans rather than accepting the will of the grass roots conservatives and focusing on defeating Democrats. On the face of it this is a logical request. But I am having reservations about whether this will lead to any different results after | Read More »

    The Washington Aristocracy is winning, the fight shifts away from the polls.

    There is no doubt that the McConnell/Boehner Aristocrats have bought into the post partisan political vision of his royal highness and POTUS. Their vision of America mimicks the Democrats of fifty or 100 years ago. They have annointed themselves the earls, and counts of modern day America. As if that wasn’t obvious by the family tradition of inherited congressional and senate seats. We who believe | Read More »

    Send lawyers, guns and money….Getting the “Party of work” working right

    A rising tide floats all boats is the concept behind the Republican leadership’s approach to improving our economy. What you have to ask yourself is, does this theory hold in practice? Is it a lack of economic potential that keeps the big blue cities and the urban poor from benefiting from the benefits of society in general? Or is it by Democrat design?   Reihan | Read More »

    Which way are we heading?

    A caller to a morning (east coast) talk show identified himself as a conservative and a social conservative. He called to make it clear that after CPAC announced Rand Paul was straw poll winner that he “and people like me” won’t vote. I understand this, and I do believe him. I am convinced that starting in 2006 many conservatives, in my opinion social conservatives, pulled | Read More »

    “For what it is worth” – Buffalo Springfield. Proof there is nothing new going on.

    Go back and listen you can find it on you tube. Somethings happening here What it is ain’t exactly clear There’s a man with a gun over there Telling me I got to beware The year was 1966 and the Democrats ran the government. Many people think that it was was all about the war. Or about racism, but they are wrong. Falling for spin | Read More »

    It isn’t about single payer. Just Power and Fear.

    For a long time now I have tried to bring to light the differences between Democrats and socialists. Most commentators assign socialist ideals to the Democrats. As President Obama has said of himself he is a master at letting people see what they want to see in him. People want to see a socialist, he looks like a socialist. He even was a candidate for | Read More »

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